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It's almost midnight

And I’m wired. I’m so wired I think I’ll be eating and such again despite being good. Because I’m in for a hell of a busy night. 63 more words

I suck

I suck, I suck, I suck I know I’m sorry.

Between family in the hospital, work, watching cousins, watching one of friends kids, and my nephew being born I have literally not even had my nights to sit at the computer. 11 more words


He's Leaving For College

You go through life with the children in your life whether that be cousins, nephews, nieces, or your children and you make memories that will last a life time. 942 more words


365 grateful: Day 199

Day 199, we made it the rest of the way to Grand Rapids, MI for my sister’s wedding. Such an amazing weekend and so many photos taken. 49 more words

Cat Photo Series #10: My Uncle Cotton

photo courtesy of Rebecca Scarberry  @Scarberryfields

This is not an ordinary day

This day is always special for me

Hanging with my uncle Cotton

Appreciating his wisdom and guidance… 75 more words