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Today i got to spend some time with my adorable nephew and do a Senators photo session for his Nana. I hope she enjoys these!


Momma Blues

I always dreamed I would have a bunch of kids. When I was younger, I used to tell my mom I wanted at least 13, and majority had to be boys . 386 more words



My nephew painted me a picture! So precious.

Carmen and Riley

We had a wonderful Easter with family, and while we played at the park with our niece and nephew, I had to take the opportunity to capture some cute pictures! 8 more words


I love this picture because Riley is holding a bird that is almost as big as he is (I know, not really) and he looks calm as can be! 10 more words

Hot dog shirt

I don’t know why but I just LOVE Riley’s hot dog shirt! I mean the hot dog is skateboarding (you can’t see the skateboard in this pic!) AND he has a mustard tie?! 15 more words

Not a fan of snapchat

Normally Riley is up for pictures. He has heard, “Riley, say CHEESE!” so many times that he calls taking a picture, “taking a cheese”. But on this day, he was NOT a fan of me trying to snapchat a picture of his cute little face! 17 more words