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Greeting Nephthys

This time I’d like to share two things: a thought on how Isis and Nephthys may relate to each other in light of what we talked about last time and a meditation/vision I had with Her. 1,121 more words

Goddess Isis

Oh yes, more Nephthys

Since we last met, I have become quite involved with Nephthys. It seems I shall have more to say about Her.

O, She is a Hidden One. 2,077 more words

Goddess Isis

Isis & Her Dark Twin, Nephthys

Older Egyptological books informed us that Nephthys was never worshipped alone and had no temples of Her own.

But that was only because they hadn’t found any yet. 985 more words

Goddess Isis

the Weaver

I sink down into my well. This time it is dark and mossy. The well opens up into a dark ocean.
I’m on the surface at my world tree. 478 more words
Beyond The Veil