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Corruption and nepotism under the military junta

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

For anyone paying attention to the mainstream media’s comments about the Thai anti-Taksin and anti-Yingluk protests, you would be forgiven for believing that Taksin Shinawat and his cronies were filthy corrupt politicians who had been pocketing millions and bleeding the country dry by offering “too many” pro-poor policies to the “ignorant” masses. 714 more words

Thai Politics

Nepotism Rules!

If you own or run a company, you probably have been tempted by the siren song of nepotism. Nepotism refers to the high art and common practice of hiring your relatives. 945 more words




You keep on banging that drum
Because you think we’re all dumb
Isn’t it. That must be the truth of it
Why you keep it up and won’t quit. 225 more words


Despite Nepotism Charges, Garden Grove Mayor Raises Most Campaign Cash

As reported by the Voice of OC, the career Mayor of Garden Grove, Bruce Broadwater—who has been in politics for 22 years—has still managed to raise more than double the funds for his reelection campaign than any other candidate for Mayor. 35 more words

Elected Officials

Marty Finneran, Boyfriend of Astorino’s Mother-In-Law, Paid $93,000 As Administrator For Special Operations

As we get closer to the elections in November there are more allegations of nepotism coming straight out of the County Executives office.

Astorino has pounced on the Democrats over Governor Cuomo’s possible interference over his own anti-corruption panel now has the finger pointed back at him for dealing in nepotism and hypocrisy. 365 more words


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Erm before I write on,let me quickly say to all my nigerian readers and followers Happy independence day!
I don’t think I can be given the title “patriot” “yet”(emphasis on the word “yet”,you can’t blame a brother for aspiring *smiles) but still I will like to talk about my dear country on a day like this(october 1). 374 more words

Come on, Cheryl

Ask and ye shall receive – in a way. On September 6, I called for the resignation of Fox C-6 board member Cheryl Hermann. Rich Simpson at the Fox C-6 Watchdogs blog also called for her… 813 more words

Fox C-6