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The XX Factor

My first official writing job on a TV series was brought to me by the letter ‘X’. Specifically, the letter ‘X’ without the letter ‘Y’. 917 more words

Interim St. Louis Recorder of Deeds Wants to Stay

ST. LOUIS (AP) - A member of the St. Louis Board of Alderman appointed as the city’s interim recorder of deeds says she wants the permanent position. 176 more words


Nepotism Alert - Emily Benn

“People might ask how I can know anything about ‘the real world’ given who my family are and the fact I am the granddaughter of Tony Benn” 978 more words


Five Questions for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board has decided Sharon Carpenter should exit recorder of deeds race and the office should be turned over to the same mayor who has financially and publicly propped her up all these years. 152 more words

Ed McFowland

The Rose Colored Blinders

It is very seldom that we have a crossover post.  Recently, however, the topics of two posts, Maxine and Doreen, came together in a very unusual way.  514 more words


Tony's PPL Scheme

Tony Abbott seems to be pursuing his extravagant paid parental leave scheme with very puzzling zeal.

If it gets through I wonder whether it will give rise in the future to another deal reminiscent of the $60,000 scholarship (for one of his daughters). 22 more words


The Prevalence of Nepotism in The Fashion Industry: Money over Talent

Nepotism in the fashion industry is used to describe the children of wealthy and well-connected parents that gain an automatic VIP pass into their future careers. 870 more words