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People don't read anymore and other facts I don't care about

I’ll start this post about pretentiousness with a pretentious statement; I was at the opera the other night… Well, I was, only it wasn’t really the opera. 1,292 more words

i am not a geek

i resist all forms of classification

i am an angry troglodyte carving 

carbon and stone

with heavy claws

i die curled and flaking

before my body can make an impression… 174 more words


Just a bit of laughs for all you English students out there, preparing for a paper, or maybe even just an essay :)


A Birthday Of Mythic Proportions

“Come aboard, lass,” the engineer said. “There’s a might of things waiting for ya.”

She looked back, the trail of life behind her, a long wake of adventure, excitement, sorrow, joy, tears, laughter, and all the wonders of a lifetime.

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Easter Eggs in Video Games

Easter is this Sunday so here is a video of easter eggs in video games made by Xbox Ahoy.

The video shows games ranging from Adventure on Atari in 1979 to GTA V. 8 more words


I brought a beautiful girl home and she played with my microscope.

If you have ever read Neil Strauss, The Game, you would be familiar with the term term “Average frustrated chump”, this is opposed to a player. 1,413 more words

On The Road Again: Orlando the journey begins

Que Willie Nelson, your favorite meddling kids/adventurers are at it again. As we…speak??? I’m getting ready (read as procrastinating) for another trip with Reynatta. This time we’re off for a beach weekend. 1,675 more words