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Girlfriend Bakes Boyfriend a Cake for Her Behavior in Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a great game so much fun BUT it brings out the worst in us, this game can ruin friendships and relationships. This girlfriend baked this cake for her boyfriend and it is perfection.

source: tumblr

- Colleen


Nerd Shirt of the Day: King of the Firehouse

Today’s nerd shirt of the day is a badass mashup of the King of the Hill cast as the Ghostbusters. Bobby as Slimer is too good and the ecto coolers instead of beer is perfect! 15 more words


Facehugger Bottle Opener

Facehugger’s are the second life cycle stage of a xenomorph and one of their biggest features is their freakishly long finger like legs that they move around with which is perfect for opening up your brewskie with! 39 more words