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▶ Vengeance: An iPhone 4S Short Film

Because it’s Labor Day, and I’m too tired for any proper laboring.

Some good moody cinematography in this, though, I must say.

▶ Vengeance: An iPhone 4S Short Film – YouTube.

Irony in the Movies

Definition of irony (n)

Bing Dictionary

  • i·ro·ny
  • [ ī́rənee ]

  1. humor based on opposites: humor based on using words to suggest the opposite of their literal meaning…
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Well, Now That Summer's Over...

I’m back!

I have no idea why I disappeared for so long. I’ve been working weird hours, I visited home, I moved to a new apartment and I’m entering the fourth month of dating a guy I am head over heels for. 465 more words