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Trailer Breakdown for Jurassic World

I would appreciate it if I were a bit more stand-offish about this movie and therefore more condemning of Hollywood’s bad habit of re-vamping older movies. 1,143 more words


The Roads I've Traveled

A while back, I published a lightly read post about my lifelong love of maps. To me, maps have always represented both the unknown and an immeasurable sense of possibility. 708 more words


Song of the Sea Trailer

If you haven’t seen The Secret of Kells, you’re missing out. The art is stunning, inspired by some of the most incredible artwork in human history – the Book of Kells. 201 more words

This Friendsgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving.

My personal favorite holiday of the year. Well, next to my birthday. That’s a national holiday, right? No? Oh well.

Lately, I’ve been bummed out by how everyone is in such a hurry to get to Christmas. 491 more words


How does Earth function in the Star Trek universe?

In the Star Trek universe Earth no longer has currency it no longer has money it has evolved past that into a utopian society where people do what they want? 230 more words


Ottawa PopExpo 2014!

This past weekend, I went to Ottawa PopExpo and I had a sensational time! It was the second time I went to a con by myself, and while I packed and planned on cosplaying, the weather did not cooperate and I ended up in my civvies all weekend. 522 more words


School Memories: The Neeky/Nerdy Guy

When I was in Secondary School I seemed to have got along with most people in my year group, had a decent group of friends and most of all I studied and completed all of my homework. 833 more words