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Attention All Nerds!

Do you consider yourself a nerd? An artist? A story teller? A history buff?  Or simply someone who enjoys the sequential arts (comic books)?  Then I’ve got a thing a ma jig for you! 269 more words

Nerd People

Game Review: RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe

RollerCoaster Tycoon was a freakin’ staple of my childhood.

I would spend HOURS building torture devices–I mean roller coasters–that would scare the bajeezus out of even Chuck Norris. 265 more words


Revenge of the Baby Nerd

Well, Turkey has ALMOST forgiven me for hurting him…

Mama: Turkey, how is your arm? Are you still mad at me?

Turkey (very seriously): BAD MAMA, Mama gave Turkey a Boo boo! 31 more words


What The New York Times Gets Wrong About Nerds

A recent New York Times editorial declared “We’re All Nerds Now.” As evidence, the editorial cited the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, and the popularity of comic-book-inspired movies and the runaway success of “Game Of Thrones.” 204 more words

Blog Post

Jacques Barzun Quote.

Barzun, J. (1959). The house of intellect. New York: Harper.


Prejudice in Hobbies

While I was writing my diatribe against the “cosplay is not for everyone” idea, I began to wonder about how – or perhaps why – we transfer our same “general population” prejudices to the cosplay sphere. 663 more words

Why Do Guys Play as Gals in WoW?

Woo, gender-bending behavior! This is a favorite subject of mine, in part because we can get into the very minutae of the everyday and analyze how people subvert the stereotypical behavior patterns and expectancies of their gender – often without even realizing it. 667 more words