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Ode to the Half-Geek

We may not catch every “Game of Thrones” reference. We may not read manga religiously. We may still chose a pop book over a graphic novel every now and then. 385 more words


The fair-world fallacy and the creation of nerds

There is a common belief that, for every positive trait a person has, there is an equal negative trait: that is, the belief that no one can be better than anyone else. 1,031 more words


Cake Time

One of the first things we were asked on announcing our engagement was ‘do you want a TARDIS cake then?’  This is the sort of deep philosophical question that cannot be answered easily, but it did lead us to spend an evening googling first TARDIS cakes, then nerdy cakes in general. 181 more words


Never the cool Kid

At 48 years old I think I’ve somewhat missed the bus on ever being a cool Kid. I guess I could still be a cool old fart, but it really doesn’t have the same ring to it. 550 more words


Cheers Butterbeers!

After the Forbidden Journey we were parched! It was time some much needed butterbeer! On our way to find our favorite beverage we passed some camera crews interviewing Harry Potter fans. 221 more words


My Human, I Thank You.

Dear Rachel,

I know you’ll hate that I am putting you into this, but that’s who you are. And I love you for it. Because that’s just us. 747 more words


Famous Geeks: Real or Not?

Like in the real world you are guilty until you  are proven innocent or in the world of geeks, you are not a geek because your famous. 737 more words