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Cosplay? There’s an App for That

File this under “stretching the limits of credulity,” there’s apparently an app for cosplayers that allows you to track your progress on costumes.

Well. Sort of. 683 more words

Hipster Hoedown

“Did you think that Andy was a complete jackass last night?” my hipster host friend asked me one day.  She asked this in a manner that suggested that I was there.  2,645 more words


Weight Loss & Acid

Something I have been thinking about lately (besides the sexy ENT doctor), is what he told me during my recent visit last week.

I had told him how my health has oddly become worse this year than it ever has been, and I worry it is because of my weight loss.  358 more words


The pink ones are my favorite. The purple ones are also good.

Ok Cupid

TwoAlity Wristlets Are Sleek Geek

I have two simple words to describe these new Wristlets for girls by TwoAlity … “adorably convenient”. A new way for tweens and teens to travel light, the wristlet is light weight, washable, and comes is various different fun colors. 161 more words


The Dancing Tinder

Date stats

My appearance: Interstellar
His appearance: Nerdy STEM grad student (THAT’S MY TYPE, YO!)
Length: 2 hours (on accident)

Our interactions started on the premise of attending shows and doing copious amounts of dancing. 524 more words

Adventures On Tinder

QuirkySkirts For Nerdy Girls (and Moms)

QuirkySkirts. QuirkySkirts. QuirkySkirts. Try saying that ten times fast and you’ll be laughing in fashion! No matter how you say it, these nerdy skirts will be a hit on the town and in your school. 366 more words