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Your Princess is in Another Castle (an Article by Arthur Chu)

Arthur Chu’s article on the Daily Beast is an excellent commentary on the problem that men in “nerd” culture deal with on a regular basis – that their fantasies of “getting the girl”, persistence, and wacky elaborate plans to change women’s minds are valid and applicable in real life: 206 more words

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Poll Results--Nerds.

The results from my book-release poll are in, and here’s what I’ve concluded: a bunch of you are nerds.

I will NOT be giving away $1,000,000. 127 more words

Daniel And The Sun Sword News And Updates

Dweebs And Droog's Monthly Book Club

So not so much to do with the blog, but me and my friends have started an online book club. Dweebs and Droogs will meet once a month. 44 more words

Things I Don't Have to Think About Today

Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today.

Some very horrible people in the nerdverse are acting very horribly, as is their wont. These frightened little man-children are trying to cloak their misogyny as ethics in gaming journalism (which is already oxymoron without even getting sexual politics in it) but no one other than mouthpieces on Faux News are buying that. 72 more words

The 602 Club

I have a band new podcast that has just dropped on iTunes today. This show is dedicated to all things geeky, yet not Star Trek. I hope you will listen, rate on iTunes and subscribe for great geek conversation every week! 124 more words

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Osaka, Japan: The day four Potterheads met Japanese Harry

This last trip to Japan, I traveled with nerds. Harry Potter nerds, that is. Myself quite possibly the biggest nerd of them all—or not. It’s a never-ending competition with these three. 356 more words