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I am wondering about the next generation of feminism and sexual harassment laws (I don’t think most women realize the power they have, as they can make a guy lose his job and go to jail only on the basis of her word), aggressive promotion of homosexuality in the media,¬† demonization of heterosexuality particularly of physically unattractive men, will there be mandatory “turn gay” camps for those men like the “turn straight” camps that conservative Christians have? 42 more words

Involuntary Celibacy

The Amazing Spider man 2

The Amazing Spider man 2 sequel to the reboot franchise that tries to better addresses some of the problems with Sam Rami and Toby McGuire’s original trilogy. 378 more words


Cowabunga, quit your bitchin'!

Well, it’s ninja turtle time again. It happens every few years,, and as time has gone on, it seems to get less and less notice each time it happens (kind of like Haley’s Comet). 730 more words

[gaming] It's Coming to Gameathon Time Again!

In the same way that some people love Christmas, I love October/November. Why? Because it’s time for the Extra-Life.org Gameathon again.

I’ve organized this for two years now, and I think we’re going to do it again this year. 759 more words

Holy Fetch Lands batman

What every Magic the Gathering fan has been wanting since the days of Zindikar has happened. The onslaught Fetch lands are being reprinted.  This set should be expensive as other cards look great as well. Buy your box now!


Blind Date: A Short College Animation

Click here to Join Ned as he experiences his first online dating adventure full of cute girls, flying flower carts and a llama.

Actually only the llama part is true. 30 more words