New cover and set photos from Entertainment Weekly features a couple of Avengers....And Ultron

AWESOME!!!! Entertainment Weekly has just release their newest cover and it contain Iron-Man, Captain America (my favorite Marvel Hero), and Ultron. If you ask me this looks amazing. 77 more words

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Lady Thor, UH..But what happened to Thor?

Today on The View Marvel announced a new title that will be called Thor, but it wont be the Thor we are all use to seeing. 141 more words

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review

Was this the best sequel we have ever seen? Are the critics and headlines all right and this is a blockbuster hit? Does the movie live up to the hype that has been built from the trailers? 1,432 more words

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Nailbiter #3 Comic Book Review "The Morgue?!"

Story by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Mike Henderson
Published by: Image Comics on July2nd, 2014
Review by: Owen Goodheart for #NerdSwag

The third installment of the new horror/slasher series, Nailbiter, brought on more intriguing mythology and conspiracy to the town of Buckaroo. 262 more words

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First Look at Henry Cavill as Superman for Dawn of Justice

HOLY CRAP!!!! I did not know Cavill could get any bigger for this role. Well definitely looks like he did. Not much of a change to the look except the waist area and of course the hair cut is a little different as well. 60 more words

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Staple Stash - Comic Book Reviews 06/25/2014

Welcome to the Staple Stash comic book reviews for comics published on June 25th, 2014. Stephen Savelli from #NerdSwag reviews the below comic books:

Timestamps: 201 more words

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C.O.W.L. #2 Comic Book Review

Story by: Kyle Higgins, Alec Siegel
Art by: Rod Reis
Published by: IMAGE Comics on June 25th, 2014
Review by: Owen Goodheart for #NerdSwag

Plot: … 406 more words

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