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Episode 37 is out: The Superhero Fantasy Football Draft!!!

In the great tradition of the X Men playing baseball (yes, it happened- X-Men #110, X-Men Annual #7, Uncanny X-Men #201, Uncanny X-Men #444… 263 more words


Hungry? Have some jelly boobs!

When I see products like this I understand why some people regards Japan to be slightly weird. And kinky.
But when it’s innocent like this, I actually find it a little charming. XD


Had a little LAN party at the flat yesterday

We had never really done this before, we got all set up about 1pm, got some snacks and started playing games.  SInce we did not have the files for a few of the games we planned on playing we ended up playing a lot of games that we could have just played at each others homes over teamspeak and the internet but it was still pretty fun.   60 more words


Days 0615 & 0616

Everybody remembers things differently – from the subtle detail to the important bits, we all see it through our own prism. I have the ability to see myself – the physical me – through two very different prisms: when I am well I see my mirrored face as ok. 218 more words



Now that I have your attention, I’ve just launched my first ever Kickstarter campaign to raise money so I can publish the first three books in my nerdy alphabet book series, which encompasses everything from Star Wars and Star Trek to Doctor Who and Harry Potter (read more about it at the link).  37 more words


Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Hi all!

Well, this blog is off to a not so illustrious start…oops!  I found out on Wednesday that I will be continuing on at the school that I have been subbing at as a long term substitute for third quarter.   134 more words