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Creativity Is: Recreating an Ancient Story in a 21st Century Form

There are many definitions of creativity. Despite the differences, most include originality or novelty and imagination, and the creation of something new. Sometimes you take something really old and give it a completely new form, as is the case with this… 217 more words

Geek Out!


TARDIS dress!

Long time, no post. My camera broke in April, and I’ve been too lazy/poor/busy to buy a new one. But I finally had the time to head out to this playground and a camera-toting friend was willing, so here we are! 56 more words


Peer Pressure and Indoor Plumbing

A while back, during one of our intimate 2 o’clock conversations, my sister suggested to me that I should make a YouTube channel.

“You could call it LowFlowLo,” she said, “you could vlog about current events on the toilet.” 319 more words


I'm Feeling all Nostalgic...

Bringing back some very good memories of amazing games that I had the privilege of playing and immersing myself in their world.

See the picture for yourself here at Cheezburger.com —> 32 more words


The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Comic Con

Due to a busy life, this is all I can offer. Please enjoy.

Nerdom & Fandom



“You come here often?”

“Uh, yeah. That’s kind of necessary when you work at a place.”

“Oh, I’m… Didn’t see your nametag. 964 more words

Flash Fiction

The death of the spirit of Art--plus Chesterton.

Here’s a fascinating post which basically says everything that I’ve wanted to say about the deadness of modern art.  Only he uses music as his core illustrator, instead of visual art.   309 more words