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Dubstep Writing

Lately, I have been writing my stories with Dubstep music in the background. At first I thought that the music would distract me because when I listen to it, every inch of my body seems to vibrate in elation, but for once, all the voices in my head quiet down and pay attention. 215 more words


On Seneca's Value Today

The Latin phrase “non scholae, sed vitae discimus” (we learn not for school, but for life) comes to us from the Roman philosopher Seneca.  372 more words

DMC4 coming to Next-Gen

Did you play Capcom’s 2008 smash-hit Devil-May-Cry 4? Did you love its smooth gameplay, stunning visuals and great (if a little confusing) plot? Then hold tight and open your wallets because its getting a new lick of paint and coming to Xbox One and PS4! 140 more words


Croquetas no de la abuela

I have around 3 bags of lovely mixed kale including lovely cavolo nero from my Farmdrop lunch last Thursday. I also bought (on a crazy trip to Wholefoods a few weeks ago) a piece of truffled pecorino (I told you it was crazy) which I needed to use before it goes off! 224 more words

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method returning average of double array

Im new with programming and have been trying to solve this problem for a while, been looking at similar questions but im not understanding whats wrong with my code. 167 more words

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Dai, ma che cazzo, io sono un fallimento che cammina.
Hai presente la creta? Quando manca completamente l’acqua e diventa così secca e screpolata da franare e polverizzarsi? 124 more words