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Return to Play following Athletic Injury

I was reading an article in the August issue of the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy – “Return of Normal Gait as an Outcome Measurement in ACL reconstructed patients: A Systematic Review” Gokeler A, et al.  185 more words

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New Glute Activation Exercise: Monster Walk

I’ve been using monster walks for something like nine years now. No matter how many new and interesting exercises I learn or invent, monster walks remain one of my favorite choices for glute activation in the… 322 more words

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What's on the horizon for FAI and Hip Arthoscopy

The recognition and diagnosis of femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) as an important cause of hip pain has recently experienced exponential growth. The bony impingement in the hip caused by FAI leads to both labral and cartilage damage which can cause significant functional disabilities, especially in the younger athletic population. 303 more words

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