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Follow Your Imagination

Where has gone that world
of my imagination?
Where has gone the compassion
which was among mankind?
Where has gone that society… 1,072 more words

Release Anger and Heal Your Liver

ANGER by Dr. Ram Sharma
is like,
having a burning coal,
in his hands,
and burning himself,
it is a volcano,
destroys all the limbs, 610 more words

Create The World You Truly Want Now

Welcome to the New Age.  We have been given a blank slate to create anything we want in our lives.  All we have to do is ask with passion and intensity.   1,080 more words

Change is a comin'... but when?

Edited to add the following:

The 6th has come & gone. It’s now the 8th & still no announcement has been made. NESERA news stated that Lady Shriver (a Kennedy) announced it on FOX news but there’s no video to be found. 1,933 more words

Saint Germain ~ Solar Flares, NESARA and Galactic energies ~ By Méline Lafont

For Dutch: http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.be/2014/02/saint-germain-zonnevlammen-nesara-en.html#more

(Note from Méline: Saint Germain has been speaking about this to me in my private space for some weeks now since he is at the moment more consciously present on our Earthly planes, but I never found the time to actually sit down and allow a channeling about this to come through. 1,393 more words

Méline Lafont

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The G33 and the Planned Economy of the Future

SDR Order Out of Dollar Chaos

By JC Collins

With this post I will go out on a bit of a limb as I express some of my own opinions and personal experiences in regards to past events and the planned economy of the future, as ultimately expressed by the SDR system which we discuss on this site. 1,740 more words

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Operation TruthOut-Flight 370 Update from St. Germain

Operation TruthOut – Flight 370 Update from St. Germain
All right, Folks, we are here with you, we are working for you, and everything is underway.  1,720 more words