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Heaven On Earth

You Are Everywhere by Dr. Ram Sharma

You twinkle in my memory like stars

You fall from my eyes in the shape of drops

You come to me as unforgotten dream… 1,507 more words

Let There Be Peace On Earth

War and Peace by Dr. Ram Sharma

Thinking about the war first

Think white coloured birds in the sky

Look at the silent blue sky… 1,348 more words

Plants Heal Diseases In Our Bodies

Love Earth, Love Nature, Help Earth, Help Nature by Dr. Ram Sharma

To be able to breathe air so fresh and clean,

To watch a sky with such a beautiful blue hue… 885 more words

The True Message Of All Religions Is Love

YOUR RELIGION by Dr. Ram Sharma
Your religion is you
Your religion is breathing inside you
Your religion is the golden rays of Sun God… 1,419 more words

Unconditional Love Unlocks The Treasures To The Universe

FLOWERS by Dr. Ram Sharma

The earth laughs in flowers

and flowers in your soul.

You all are wonderful souls .

All have the same divinity . 1,151 more words

Set Your Inner Child Free

MASK by Dr. Ram Sharma
It looks,
i have to change my old mask,
the colour of its face has become old,
there are several lines in it, 1,063 more words

Follow Your Imagination

Where has gone that world
of my imagination?
Where has gone the compassion
which was among mankind?
Where has gone that society… 1,072 more words