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Bird Fight

Saw a proper fight between a blue tit and a great tit today. Both are scoping out the nest box in the elderflower tree, and a pair of blue tits had arrived and one had gone inside. 115 more words

House Sparrows and Collared Doves

OK I still have not sorted out the plug ins to get Xeno Canto embedded but my thoughts on House Sparrows.  They are brief so this 24 sec extract may be longer than it takes to read this. 317 more words

Iron Man saves the birds

Lilly’s Iron Man Nest Box is probably the most complicated in terms of shape and construction due to the number of parts required; one body, one head, two arms and two legs… But not only has it got to look like Tony Stark’s alter ego but Lilly has chosen to make her nest box in the style of a Lego Iron Man. 132 more words


Trinity Terrace gets colourful

A very snowy Wednesday morning and we returned to Trinity House to continue making some house shaped abirdabodes. Although a couple of the group couldn’t make it in due to the snow Edna, Brian, Joyce and Eleanor were keen to get going. 241 more words


Abirdabode Art Bird Boxes

Myself and Arbarus (Richard Dawson) have been delivering the Abirdabode Project for the last eight months.  Funded by Oldham Arts Development, the project aims to bring art and nature together by building bird boxes using a variety of different creative techniques and skills. 197 more words

Jacqui Symons

Getting the Grass Roots nest box standing

Back to Grass Roots after the Xmas break and straight into getting the Big abirdabode standing. Whilst abirdabode had been away work had proceeded apace and the reclaimed timber sides required very little work to complete- merely making sure all the screws were in the right place and not sticking out (well spotted Kelly!) and a quick trim to cut the sides flush; some great sychronised sawing from Mason and Paddy! 138 more words


Barrier Breakers Build Brilliant Bird Boxes.

The New Year kicked off with a bang for abirdabode as Barrier Breakers joined the project. Barriers Breakers is a forum and support group for young people with additional needs and disabilities that meets on Monday evenings at Oldham Civic Centre as part of… 520 more words