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¨Access to water should not be a public right¨ – Former CEO and current Chairman of Nestle.

Truly concerning words from the largest producer of food products in the world. 115 more words



The Value Chain is the food production process, starting from the very early stages of understanding consumer culture, behaviour and needs, and then continuing the innovation process from ideation to product conception, development and launch. 663 more words



Life expectancy in Europe has continually increased during recent decades due to better living standards and good medical care. But, at the same time, the prevalence of overweight and obesity and associated chronic diseases in the ageing population has increased. 301 more words



A good friend and I have been becoming more and more concerned about what we’re consuming – and I’m not talking about meat or organic foods – I’m talking about products (largely products that are bad for you anyway) like chocolate, fizzy drinks and bottled water.  641 more words

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Yay, finally managed to get a samplestore sponsored sample box using my account;)

No hiccups this time… Though according to the postman, he came on fri when no one was at home and on tues he ‘wasted’ a piece of delivery advice cos my mum walked to slowly to the door… Seriously… Wat a rude postman… My mum is not very young and how does 3mins of waiting (my house is not tt big…) equate to wait for an answer for so long… WTH… … 43 more words

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Solids Journey - Pt 2

Flynn started eating solids about a month ago and I thought yep he loves his milk he will surely love food. Not the case!! Flynn is still getting used to the whole ‘food’ thing. 348 more words


China brands beat global rivals with tea toothpaste & pickled plums

With green-tea flavoured toothpaste and pickled plum juice, an army of Chinese retailers is tapping local tastes to whittle away market share from global rivals that are banking their future growth on the world’s second-largest consumer market. 818 more words