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Something About Birds

I bet you think I forgot to post today! You’d be mostly right. I remembered overnight, and had a rough time sleeping, but could not get up to write at the time. 489 more words

Bird Behavior

Design And Style Library: The Inspired Home: Nests Of Creatives

  I have been searching through The Inspired Property: Nests of Creatives for weeks and I am still entirely inspired and impressed.  Every single area that they incorporated is eclectic and creative, but a lot more than anything at all they are true and lived in.  24 more words

Egg Nests

I’ve made these little egg nests a few times in the last couple of years, but I can’t remember where the idea came from originally. They are a big hit with the kids, and really easy to make. 357 more words


Review: Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward

Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward, illustrated by Steve Jenkins

Told in rhyme, this book explores the many different ways that birds create nests for their eggs and babies.  The jaunty rhyme is accompanied by informational text on each species and their habitats and nest building style.  Bird species range from penguins to falcons to flamingos.  There are also more unusual birds like weaverbirds as shown on the cover of the book.  … 135 more words

Book Reviews

Help the Birds! DIY String Feeder

Ahhh  SPRING!  My favourite season!  I love the sight of the grass turning from brown to green, the muddy puddles, the crocuses poking their heads up through the earth – and especially the sights and sounds of birds returning from the South!   382 more words


Leave it (The Duck) alone

The store I work at is located near a number of aquatic habitats. As such, the animals you’re most likely to see are ducks and Canadian geese. 889 more words

Mating Behaviour in Magpies plus Sightings of Robins

I saw this strange behaviour between these two Magpies on the steps of  a building where the female would shiver her wings and body, then the male who was sitting above her on a railing , would swoop down on her. 240 more words

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