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Do Not Disturb!

A Carolina Wren decided to nest in a plant, as wrens do. I decided that that I would photograph their development for your viewing pleasure. 193 more words


"Waiter! There's a Nest in my Stoop!" What to do with those misplaced nests?

A Wild Birds Unlimited Clearwater/Safety Harbor Florida fan and friend recently shared her experiences and delight in watching a Carolina Wren nest that had been built in a bucket in her garage. 895 more words

Cory´s Shearwater monitoring in Berlengas

In the beginning of June, SPEA’s new LIFE Berlengas first field work took place. This included the identification of some invasive plant species spots, Cory´s Shearwater colony monitoring, and accessment of artificial nests occupation by the species. 62 more words


Making Their Nest

What is more heartwarming than watching prospective parents in the process of making their home?

In the case of birds, it’s all about nests.

Australia’s Rainbow Lorikeets put their creativity to work in tree hollows. 26 more words


Steak n’ Egg Bacon Asparagus Nests

Steak n’ Egg Bacon Asparagus Nests , a perfect way to use up leftover BBQ steak and asparagus for brunch the next morning! The post Steak n Egg Bacon Asparagus Nests appeared first on The Kitchen Magpie.

My little friend

Having a great time watching my little friends visit everyday. They have become comfortable enough that they stay around even when I walk out on the deck. 39 more words

Nancy Arsenault

Birds of a Feather

It’s a moot point if this will load. I appear to have an Internet connection, but not a strong enough one to allow me to access anything. 295 more words