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In C#, given a DateTime object, how do I get a ISO8601 date in string format? - Stack Overflow

The first bulleted link below has been living in my drafts like forever (i.e. somewhere since mid June 2009), so time to write a bit about ISO 8601 and .NET. 151 more words



Lots of helper extensions to format BCL types to more readable strings (and reverse).

Just like any other library, I have concrete cases of use of some extensions and some others seems useless. 47 more words

.Net 4.0

WinForms Container Controls 5: FlowLayoutPanel

When using a FlowLauyoutPanel, I always forget on which control the FlowBreak design time property / SetFlowBreak run time method operates.

Then I always end up writing a short demo program like  36 more words



License made portable and free: Portable.Licensing. Run on a large set of platforms:

  • .NET >= 4.0.3,
  • Silverlight >= 4,
  • Windows Phone >= 7.5,
  • Windows Store Apps,
  • 8 more words
.Net 4.0

.NET/C#/PowerShell: building .NET DiscUtils library for virtual disk images

Mono Mac

.NET DiscUtils is an interesting open source .NET library for accessing and manipulating virtual disk images. Since it is entirely written in C# (without the need for P/Invoke), you should even be able to run this on non-Windows machines using mono. 1,730 more words