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OWIN and Katana part 2: the Application Function


In the previous post of this series we started looking into OWIN and Katana. We also looked at a small, very basic Console based web server to see them in action. 1,234 more words


OWIN and Katana part 1: the basics


Katana is a new light-weight web framework built by Microsoft. It is based on a specification called OWIN – Open Web Interface for .NET. The default MVC5 template in Visual Studio 2013 have elements of Katana and OWIN. 1,154 more words


Asynchronous Processing in EF6 and .NET 4.5

Courtesy Peter Vogel, VisualStudioMagazine.com

There’s one feature of Entity Framework (EF) 6 that’s only available in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later: asynchronous processing. In this column, I’m going to look at some typical scenarios where you can use EF asynchronous processing and show how you might use it. 266 more words


Introduction to .NET Web API 2 with C# Part 3: authentication


So far in this intro course we haven’t discussed authentication although we enabled it when we created the demo Web Api app. In this demo we’ll see how to make an authenticated request to the API. 1,473 more words



Lots of helper extensions to format BCL types to more readable strings (and reverse).

Just like any other library, I have concrete cases of use of some extensions and some others seems useless. 47 more words

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