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IDispose and Finalize relations in .NET

What is IDispose in .NET?

The IDispose interface gives the programmer way to free unmanaged resources and events handlers, in order to avoid memory leaks. 287 more words

.NET 4.5

What’s the difference between Task.ContinueWith and await?

In the .NET there are many ways to implement asynchronous programs.

We can use the Task, Task<T> or await keyword to write asynchronous programs.

For Example: 247 more words

.NET 4.5

Release of and Migration to .NET 4.5

Our latest update ( consolidates several database tables, making the data structure more consistent and easy to use. We introduced a tree structure for tracks. Now the map tracks can be grouped together, which facilitates showing/hiding multiple tracks with one click. 28 more words


How To : Create a Re-Usable News Page Layout using Content Type in SharePoint 2013


In a recent project I was asked to consult in, the team needed to create sub site/s for news or events.

Developing for re-usability in SharePoint is something I find is lacking quite a bit in Development teams. 1,452 more words


How To : Implement Business Data Connectivity in SharePoint 2013

Business Data Connectivity

Business Connectivity Services is a centralized infrastructure in SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 that supports integrated data solutions. With Business Connectivity Services, you can use SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 clients as interfaces into data that doesn’t live in SharePoint 2013 itself. 576 more words


Accessing secure web services - invalid certificate errors

Calling a secure web service from within an ASP.NET application was generating the following exception:

The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure. 188 more words