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Garbage Collection in .Net 4.5 Framework

In today’s world more and more sales are coming through online business. Hence it becomes utmost important for any organisation to have minimum latency of its business critical applications. 428 more words


Multi-processor support and .Net

Core support in Windows is tied to the notion of processor groups. For historical reason, a group is made of up to 64 cores (related to affinity mask). 162 more words

.Net 4.5

CSV libraries for .NET

A few libraries for writing and/or reading CSV files in .NET:


.NET 4.5 memory and performance improvement simplified

Most of all probably already know about this. Certainly upgrading to .net 4.5 should be on the road map at some point since it has tremendous improvement on garbage collection algorithm and memory fragmentation on Large object heap. 381 more words

.net 4.5

.net framework 4.5 performance improvement

.net framework has performance improvement over 4.0

.net 4.5

Make Xamarin apps that support Twitter xAuth

Twitter’s xAuth is an exciting option which is not available for web based applications but available for desktop and mobile apps that uses Twitter SDK where standard web OAuth flow or PIN-code out-of-band flow is not an option. 372 more words


How to implement a Xamarin.Forms app with Xamarin plugins

Recently, obviously last year (in 2014) Xamarin’s James Montemagno posted a blog post titled “Holiday Contest: Create a Plugin for Xamarin” and I also managed to develop a very small plugin for Xamarin.Forms with the help of… 736 more words