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Deep and Shallow Copying, Difference of Shallow and Deep Copying

What is Shallow Copy?

Shallow copy is a bit-wise copy of an object. A new object is created that has an exact copy of the values in the original object. 277 more words


Microsoft open sources cloud framework that powers Halo

Microsoft is continuing its open-source push, this time announcing that it will open source its Project Orleans cloud computing web framework. The framework has supposedly been “used extensively” in the Azure cloud and is best known for powering the first-person shooter video game Halo 4. 313 more words

WCF Policy – Part 4: Addendum: Creating the Client Proxy via Command-Line

A minor addendum to the last post

Last time I described the client proxy generation as it happens from within Visual Studio (“Add service reference…”). 181 more words


How to install dot net 3.5(including 3.0 and 2.0) in windows 8.1 or 8 through installation media

In this post I am sharing again something very interesting specially for the IT people.

This is all about to install dot net 3.5(including 3.0 and 2.0) in windows 8.1 or 8 through installation media. 92 more words


WCF Policy – Part 3: Evaluating the Policy on the Client

The last part placed our policy assertion in the WSDL:

On the client the WCF evaluates policy assertions during proxy generation, for code and configuration. If you try to import a WSDL containing a policy assertion, the WCF does not know – as is the case with our policy assertion so far – the generated configuration will contain the following warning: 539 more words


Microsoft is making good on its plans to open source the .NET framework and has revealed new details on .NET Core, a fork of .NET that’s been developed to make .NET more approachable to modern-day software development, the company explained in a… 72 more words