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WCF Policy – Part 1: What is policy about?

Remember what I described during the introduction? Switch a feature on on the server, and the WCF takes care that this information gets pushed through to the client, at runtime client and server work together to fulfill the demand, and on top of it the developer can interfere if necessary. 613 more words


Building Your Own Policy with WCF

Flexibility and extensibility of WCF is really great. You need a feature provided by the platform? Just switch it on, via code or configuration, and all the bits and pieces follow suit. 300 more words


WinPE and .NET (Part 2): Creating and Editing Variables

In Part 1 we saw how to prepare a visual studio solution to be able to access the OSD Environment as well as obtain one specific or all of our task sequence variables. 327 more words

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WinPE and .NET (Part 1): Get Task Sequence Variables

When WinPE greeted me with the “.NET Framework” component I thought nothing of it…Then I decided to use it and couldn’t have seen more opportunity than when I first saw OSD. 635 more words

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Install NET Framework 3.5 Offline Di Windows 8.1

  1. Siapkan ISO atau CD Windows 8.1
  2. Mount ISO Windows 8.1 dan masuk ke direktorinya kemudian buka folder “sources”
  3. Di dalam folder “sources” copy folder “sxs” ke direktori C:\
  4. 38 more words

Microsoft.NET goes open-source

The beginning of an era for the Software Development Community

At a recent Connect ( ); conference 2 days ago, Microsoft made a major announcement that he will be open sourcing its full server-side .NET stack and will be making it available for cross-platform use on major open source platforms which include Linux and Mac. 609 more words


.NET 2015 미리보기

오늘 Connect(); 행사에서 .NET 전반에 걸친 계획들이 발표되었다.

무엇보다 가장 놀라운 것은 .NET core stack을 오픈 소스로 공개하는 것과 동시에 Linux / Max OS를 아우르는 멀티 플랫폼으로 가져간다는 것. 45 more words