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Everyone knows what a net is, and probably the word s used more today than it ever has been before because of the internet, intranet, extranet, darknet, networking, social networks and so on… but net, as in a net that you catch things in, or networking as in a physical rather than a virtual thing… well, where does the word come from? 165 more words


Making easy easier - AirMess R9 - RT/W8/W7

AirMess R9 is now available, on Widows 8 RT, Windows 8 Desktop and of course Windows 7 !

Windows 8 RT

Get AirMess (Windows 8.1) 145 more words

Game Design

Smooth random motions with differentiable random providers

Real-world movements are restricted by the laws of physics. E.g, body is required to move in a continuous motion without any sudden jumps. When modelling NPCs, a realistic movement is essential. 943 more words

.Net Programming

SOLID Programming: A Tale of Two Classes, Data and Action

When I think about a programming problem, I try to keep the SOLID Principles in mind. These five principles, first espoused by Robert C. Martin, are a guide to OO programmers intended to make software more flexible, maintainable, and extensible. 339 more words


Letting go

I deleted my fb, my okc, tried to delete my forum acct but they refused.

So I followed the protocol and requested the blogs be removed and the screen name changed by a letter or something to make it less google friendly. 63 more words

operators in c#

Today lets start with the basic operators in the c#

C# provides a large set of operators, which are symbols that specify which operations to perform in an expression. 132 more words