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Using LINQ and EntityFramework, Measuring and analyzing the LINQ effectiveness

Some Entity Framework Components

When you use something like the extensive “Entity Framework” or any other ORM (Object Relational Mapping) tool, the process of writing sophisticated database driven applications becomes a lot easier. 969 more words


Storring Sitecore Logs Using RabbitMQ Logstash Elasticsearch and Kibana (ELK)

In an earlier post I showed how to store Sitecore logs files in MongoDB see it here. Now I will demonstrate how to do the same thing using RabbitMQ, Logstash and Elasticsearch, and afterwards you can view and search in the logs using Kibana. 1,030 more words


Getting started with RabbitMQ in 15 minutes

This is the beginning of a series or articles meant to capture the main differences between various message queue implementations, including MSMQ, RabbitMQ, … 472 more words



Hello from Almighty Popcorn!

Hi peeps!  After fixing all the servers at the beginning of the month, we have a brand spanking…

Hehe… 313 more words

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Testing Polly Nuget Package(its speaks by itself just test the code)

Polly is a .NET 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / PCL (Profile 259) library that allows developers to express transient exception handling policies such as Retry, Retry Forever, Wait and Retry or Circuit Breaker in a fluent manner. 266 more words


WPF Resource Key Collission

Our framework allows developers to create add-ins (modules), which are loaded at run time.  It’s possible for each developer to create custom resources and merge them into a Resource Dictionary on the Application object.   592 more words

Unit Testing - Setup pattern (Moq)

In my previous post I mentioned that large unit test setups can be difficult to maintain / understand. This problem can be reduced by following a test pattern. 658 more words


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