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Website Development - Which Stack?

I’m wondering which way to go for a personal website development – I’ve always liked the idea of using the same language client and server side hence I’m voting for Nodejs which is JavaScript for the server (all clients are using HTML and JavaScript with most like angular on there as well) 18 more words


SQLExpress Lessons

SQLExpress Lessons

  1. To connect to your own DB use just the server name
  2. To connect to other person’s DB use IP/Hostname,Port
  3. Connection string for SQL Express (for it to work in VS 2012,13 replace .\ SQLEXPRESS with (LocalDB)\v11.0):
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Entity Framework 6 lessons

  1. 1st run: Enable-Migrations
  2. Check what all servers are up: Get-Service | Where-Object {$_.Name -like ‘*SQL*’}
    1. Note that this will not show SQL Express Local DB…
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see: Using Orleans to Build Halo 4’s Distributed Cloud Services in Azure

Project “Orleans” enables scenarios that are difficult to productively implement using current technologies, complementing solutions like SignalR and WebAPI. 28 more words


What is TPL ( Task Parallel Library) and how it differs from threads (c# interview questions) ?

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  1. Threads have processor affinity, but TPL Tasks encapsulate MULTI CORE Execution
  2. TPL Automatically does Thread Pooling

BONUS: yield:


Angular in Typescript

  1. Put all the classes as controllers of module
    1. Eg for mainController, define module Controller and then export class mainController and in it give constructor ($scope,svc: LogSvc) {}
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