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Progress Software, the Bedford, MA-based enterprise software infrastructure firm, is buying the Bulgarian UI framework and app development tools outfit Telerik for $262.5 million, to help its customers make nicer user interfaces for their cloud and on-premise apps. 72 more words

regex in splunk


It is quite simple…I wanted to basically extract a field out of my message field: message=”crapgoldmorecrap” so i wanted a new field to be created from all possible values between “crap” and “morecrap” 63 more words


How To Easily Add Log4Net To Your .NET Project

  1. Download Log4Net binaries –>  http://logging.apache.org/log4net/download_log4net.cgi
  2. Add Reference to Log4Net.dll in your project
  3. Create new “Logs” folder and ensure Web App/Site has Write privileges to this directory…
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Ng-book Notes

Upto Pg 20

  1. http://jimhoskins.com/2012/12/17/angularjs-and-apply.html
  2. http://angular-tips.com/blog/2013/08/watch-how-the-apply-runs-a-digest/
  3. For an external method that angular doesn’t know about, use $scope.apply
  4. For watching changes to a $scope child, use $watch…
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Reasons for choosing:

  1. Declarative Style of Coding
  2. Direct access to the underlying DOM is also possible, as each D3 selection is simply an array of nodes.
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