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Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Mired in Uncertainty

Israel’s decision to suspend peace talks with the Palestinians might appear to signal the end of negotiations between the two sides—but the move has only served to create yet more uncertainty about their future. 759 more words

Palestinian Merger: Doom or progress?

In light of this week’s merger between rival Palestinian governing organizations Fatah (The Palestinian Authority) and Hamas, peace talks in the Middle East have hit its biggest roadblock yet. 518 more words


Netanyahu was looking for an excuse to end the peace talks, Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat says

Jerusalem Post

After Israel suspends talks, chief Palestinian negotiator says Netanyahu used the split between Palestinian factions as an excuse to reject peace in the past, and is now using Palestinian unity as an excuse for the same thing. 286 more words

Palestinian Unity Deal Met With Skepticism

There’s no shortage of reasons to be skeptical of the reconciliation agreement signed on Wednesday between Hamas and Fatah, the rival Palestinian political factions that split the Gaza Strip and the West Bank between them seven years ago — ending any practical semblance of Palestinian national unity. 659 more words

Hamas: intra-Palestinian division has ended

Al Arabiya News

The rival Palestinian factions of Hamas and Fatah, the party of President Mahmoud Abbas, announced on Wednesday that they had successfully drafted a reconciliation agreement that would end seven years of intra-Palestinian division. 159 more words


The Long Road To Reconciliation

With the failure of yet another U.S. effort to broker a permanent, durable peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, the Obama Administration must accept that a deal is not achievable under current conditions. 1,509 more words