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To facilitate future genocide israel wants Palestine to be completely defenceless

Hamas Rejects Israel’s Demand to Disarm, Political Chief Says

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said the militant Islamist group is committed to its unity agreement with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party, asserting that its weapons are for use only against Israel. 118 more words


Israel using Palestine as a testing ground for weapons

Palestine: Israel’s Arms Testing Lab


Israel had turned Palestinian occupied territories, especially Gaza Strip, into a laboratory for refining, testing and showcasing its own weapons systems as well as other countries’ new experimental and illegal weapon systems. 1,724 more words


The Choir Cheers

Josh Ruebner ended his talk Wednesday with a standing ovation from the 50-75 members of the choir who showed up at the Mennonite Church in Albuquerque. 1,321 more words


The Difference Between Richmond and Jerusalem

By Daniel Farber Bell

History was made in Virginia on Thursday, Sept. 4, as Robert F. McDonnell became the state’s first governor to be convicted of a crime. 491 more words

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israel maintains silent war of special "starvation diet" and carrying out "incremental genocide" against more than 1.7 million human beings

Incremental genocide…

By jamal kanj ,  Posted on » Friday, September 19, 2014

It goes without saying that Gaza has taught the Israeli military a new lesson: the days of swift Israeli wars are over. 603 more words


Moshé Machover: Israel’s quest for legitimacy

By Moshé Machover, Weekly Worker – 18 Sept 2014

The strategy of Israel’s leadership towards the ‘peace process’ is patently designed to prevent the supposed outcome of that process: a two-state ‘solution’, with a sovereign Palestinian Arab statelet ‘alongside Israel’. 5,078 more words


ISISophobia or “The Mooslims Are Coming”


ISIS has become the scare du jour of world politics.  While ISIS is a profoundly disturbing phenomenon for which the world should develop some sort of response, the problem is that the Islamist movement has become a useful foil for many varied political interests from Israel to the U.S.  1,544 more words