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Unified Sports Finds Financial Support in Silicon Valley

After a day spent living out their daydreams by golfing The Olympic Club, top brass from Silicon Valley’s finest companies made it possible for Special Olympics Northern California Schools Partnership Program student-athletes to make their dreams come true. 385 more words

Unified Sports

Tegile NFS Datastore Management in vCenter

As the primary VMware and storage admin, I try to minimize the number of tools I have to use to accomplish my tasks. When it comes to provisioning and managing volumes for VMware, I prefer to do it all from within the vSphere if possible. 632 more words


2014-09-19 - Data ONTAP Standard HA Pair Diagram

Each node in a standard HA pair requires a network connection, an HA interconnect between the controllers, and connections both to its own disk shelves as well as its partner node’s shelves. 20 more words


2014-09-19 - Data ONTAP Failover

What happens during takeover:

When a takeover occurs, the unimpaired partner node takes over the functions and disk drives of the failed node by creating an emulated storage system. 126 more words


Three Upcoming Events!

Please join us for one of our three upcoming events!

We are hosting a variety of events within our territories over the course of the next few weeks and we would love if you joined us! 49 more words

Show snapmirror percentage completion status, Netapp cluster mode

snapmirror show

snapmirror show -fields last-transfer-type,last-transfer-error,last-transfer-size,last-transfer-duration,last-transfer-from,last-transfer-end-timestamp

snapmirror show -destination-path