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Nexus QoS, NetApp trunk ports & VMware IP storage – watch out for this issue

During the setup of a new vSphere cluster, I had to troubleshoot an issue that was causing latency for the NFS datastores. This new vSphere cluster was attached to a newly setup NetApp storage array with essentially no workloads yet hosted on it. 285 more words


Netapp Snapdrive installation steps on Windows 2012

Here we are going to install snapdrive 7.0.2 for windows 2012 x64

This software module integrates with Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to provide you a… 335 more words


Check for Offline or Failed Disks

The new disk check monitors the disks of a NetApp Filer. Depending on the settings, the check sends an error message when offline or failed disks are found. 212 more words


NetApp, Inc.: Global Company of Data Storage Devices

NetApp is a Sunnyvale, California-based company that is registered as an American computer storage and data management company. The business is a Fortune 500 company that is also a member of the NASDAQ 100 and the Russell 3000 Indices. 118 more words


Ellison sings a new tune: Oracle hardware is cheapest

Larry Ellison has opened a new front in his battle with Cisco Systems and EMC, launching new Oracle hardware on Wednesday that he claims will be the cheapest on the market. 496 more words

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Linux Control Groups (cgroups) and Oracle

Hi All,

This is neto from Brazil

How are you?

Doing a POC and I had to use Linux Control Groups but … Oracle version is… 44 more words


Netapp and Antivirus AV configuration cluster mode

vserver vscan scanner-pool create -vserver anysvrv001_file -scanner-pool anysvrv001_file_SPool -servers,,,,, -privileged-users “anydomain\anyaccount”

vserver vscan scanner-pool apply-policy -vserver anysvrv001_file -scanner-pool anysvrv001_file_SPool -scanner-policy primary

vserver vscan on-access-policy create -vserver anysvrv001_file -policy-name anysvrv001_file_AV_Policy -protocol CIFS -filters scan-mandatory -max-file-size 20GB -file-ext-to-exclude “mp3″, “txt” -paths-to-exclude “\~snapshots” 38 more words