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NetApp RAID 6 Calculator

Good Tool from NetApp (thank you)

NetApp developed a closed-form RAID 6 equation that calculates the reliability of data stored on NetApp RAID-DP® technology and other, more general RAID 6 (or double-parity) RAID schemes. 105 more words


See More. Know More. Do More.

This is a great video that summarizes the role of information technology in health care. It then provides three challenges that Chief Informatics Officers (CIOs) are responsible for developing solutions for. 52 more words

Cloud Search Is Important, But Only A Piece Of The Enterprise Search Puzzle

by Barry Murphy

In an earlier post, I described the importance of having the ability to quickly search for information stored in the Cloud.  The post pointed out that Cloud search is somewhat more complicated than one might think at first glance because the speed of search is affected by how close the index lives to the actual data in the Cloud infrastructure.  376 more words


How to connect to your Netapp controller with Perfstat

Perfstat is a diagnostics data collection tool for Netapp and is a great utility. However, it takes some effort to set it up inside of a Windows environment.  238 more words


Restricting access to Snapshot copies


When testing your Site Recovery Manager recovery plans it is possible to have a successful test recovery with a warning about snapshots like below: 107 more words


Newsletter: April 20, 2014

Hello all,

I had another good week working in the lab, trying to improve our product, which is always fun, but also working with developers and engineers.  3,546 more words


#Powershell and #NetApp SnapDrive

I blogged this script earlier, but discovered an undocumented feature where the last entry in the output was not added to the array object.  Here is the updated version… 250 more words