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The use of NetBeans Dialog API for the NetBeans JavaFX PDF Viewer Plugin

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Working on adding new features to our NetBeans JavaFX PDF viewer plugin making it even cooler. After adding 3 menu options to our plugin we wanted to add a notification that will be displayed from NetBeans and not from the application itself. 65 more words


Mengatasi Invalid jdkhome specified (Netbeans)

Pesan diatas akan muncul karena versi jdk yang dikenali netbeans sudah berbeda dengan yang sedang run pada sebuah komputer. nah,  agar netbeans kembali mengenali jdk nya maka kita harus sedikit (banget :D ) mengutak – atik file pada netbeans, file yang akan diutak atik adalah  44 more words

Application Error

Javafx on android

Edit a JavaFX Android application in NetBeans, run the code on your local desktop and build it for Android. All using the same gradle setup.


WordPress- Building Themes from Scratch Using Underscores

The next stage of development in building my own themes I need to know about Setting up a WordPress Development Environment. This area covers Installing and running WordPress on your computer, Getting and installing Underscores, Installing WordPress Theme Unit Test data, Installing the Developer plugin and Installing and setting up Net Beans or another IDE,


Netbeans, Ignoring folders from error checking

Sometime we need to ignore error messages from 3rd party folder such as ignoring errors check from Vendor folder, here is how to ignore folder error check on Netbeans IDE : 7 more words


Writing a JavaFX PDF Viewer plugin for Netbeans – 11. Creating a Submenu for our plugin in the NetBeans platform

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In the previous article we introduced a callback object, which allows us to callback to NetBeans and update it. Now we want to create a submenu with three actions that will give us the option to choose from our Base ViewrFX, Open ViewerFX and External ViewerFX.


Writing a JavaFX PDF Viewer plugin for Netbeans – 10. Integrating our plugin into NetBeans with callback

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In previous parts we integrated our NetBeans plugin into our Open Source JavaFX PDF viewer so that we can now display it inside a NetBeans TopComponent. 112 more words