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Spring Sample Project

Hi everyone, this article we will create a sample spring application. This way you will get used to the components involved in any spring application. I’ll be using Netbeans as my IDE. 356 more words

Inversion Of Control

Teaching Computer Science online - the hard parts

This semester I am teaching my first e-Learning course (I’ve been supporting e-Learning for five years; time for me to walk the walk, eh?). It’s a split ICS3C/ICS3U course in Computer Science and Programming. 513 more words


Java EE Batch Framework - Step 3 Reader

This section will cover the batch Reader.  The reader has two main functions of importance.  The first is the open method that will setup the checkpoint and set the iterator to the correct item.   614 more words


Java EE Batch Framework - Step 2 Check Point

In this section we will discuss the check point.  The check point is a serializable  object that contains that serves as the bookmark for the batch work flow.   211 more words




Men are getting dumber. If you are 30 years and younger you might not even understand what that statement means. If you did, you might not agree and a percentage of people in that age bracket will close this page before reading this sentence. 767 more words



I’m back to NetBeans for some coding. My mouth is hanging open. The release notes accompanying the newest release, NetBeans 8.0, refer to real world… 66 more words


Netbeans IDE

NetBeans adalah sebuah open source lingkungan pengembangan terpadu (IDE) untuk mengembangkan dengan Java, PHP, C + +, dan bahasa pemrograman lainnya. NetBeans adalah juga disebut sebagai platform komponen modular digunakan untuk mengembangkan aplikasi Java desktop. 86 more words