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(Basico - 3) Entorno de Desarrollo Integrado (IDE)

Un Entorno de Desarrollo Integrado, o IDE por sus siglas en inglés, es un programa que esta compuesto por un conjunto de herramientas de programación. En pocas palabras, es un programa que nos ayudará a crear otros programas. 518 more words


NetBeans: Fix Maven dependency issues in the graphical pom.xml view

Recently I noticed that the pom.xml view in NetBeans not only shows you conflicting dependencies but it also provide fixes within this view.

Click on the light bulb (you know it from the quickfixes/hints in the Java Editor) and a conflict resolving dialog will open. Nice to know

Praxis LIVE : new look, new direction

If you’ve been following the Twitter feed recently you may have noticed that Praxis LIVE has gained an all new look. However, the recent changes are far more than skin deep, with a radical rethink of many aspects of the project. 378 more words


NetBeans, Qt and Git

An important aspect of software development is “source control”, enabling the tracking of changes, bug fixes and releases. I used Subversion for this purpose. There are several other source control systems available, one of which is Git which appears to me to be on the rise in popularity. 1,407 more words


Online and portable Java IDE

This is a free, online Java editor and compiler. http://www.compileonline.com/compile_java_online.php

Also please check out a portable version of NetBeans for USB devices.


Using Oracle WebLogic 12c with NetBeans IDE by Markus Eisele

Introduction NetBeans is a free (CDDL/GPL licensed) integrated development environment (IDE) for Java applications. It has recently been released as version 8.0 and is the first choice for developers when it comes to support for the latest Java platform editions. 455 more words