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Getting started with Java and Netbeans

Introduction to Java Programming 9th Edition PDF

Can we get on with what I need to know!?

Sure thing Mr/Mrs impatient (haha). Computers are all about patience. 873 more words


JAAS, Glassfish and Microsoft Active Directory

I recently had to develop an internal Java EE Web application that made use of Microsoft Active Directory, through Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS), as its security mechanism. 183 more words


Adicionando Controllers e Actions ao ZF2

A SkelletonApplication já vem com duas rotas configuradas por padrão:

  1. “home”:  do tipo Literal que apenas direciona para a página inicial
  2. “application”: também é do tipo Literal e configurada com…
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Monitoring Real-Time Commodity Prices using JavaFX, NetBeans RCP, and Camel

Zoi Capital is a commodity investment firm which trades in the commodity futures markets on behalf of clients, with offices in New York and Seattle. We needed an application which could display the commodities we were currently holding as well as show any open profit/loss of our trades in real-time. 660 more words


CPU profiling for rescue

Prev – Test on smaller data set

I use Eclipse editor for my development since many years and couple of years ago I had looked for good CPU profiling plugins for Eclipse and had not found one, since then just for profiling java code, I use NetBeans editor as it had in-built support for CPU and Memory profiling. 395 more words


Iniciando um projeto com o ZF2 no Netbeans

Para criar um novo projeto usando o ZF2 no Netbeans basta:

  1. Selecionar no menu a opção “Arquivo” -> “Novo Projeto” -> “Aplicação PHP”
  2. Digite o nome do projeto e clique em “Próximo”
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How to setup IDE for PHP on LAMP environment

Now we have LAMP and we can use it. There are so many tools and applications, which could be used.

We should have first a command line text editor. 448 more words