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New video-on-demand service on the way (NewsTalk)

Xtra Vision to take on the likes of Netflix

The head of Xtra Vision has revealed plans to take on the likes of Netflix with a video-on-demand service… 50 more words

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The Orange is the New Black Season 2 Trailer is Everything!

As the title states, this Orange Is The New Black season 2 trailer is everything!

Oh my.  If I were wearing pearls around my neck, I’d be clutching them by now! 79 more words


Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Trailer


If you haven’t seen season one yet you have my full permission to get the hell off my blog, find a comfy spot of you bed or couch and enjoy!


Free Refills!

Public Restroom – Night
(Pounding can be heard from the door.)
Two hands, palms up, covered in fresh blood are seen in the sink from above as water trickles onto them. 847 more words

Generation Botch.

The Xbox 360 enjoyed a storied run. It’s really hard to criticize a console that delivered high quality entertainment for eight years. Approximately eighty million Xbox 360s were sold in an 8 year period and while it was not the highest selling console of its generation, it was the unmatched king. 727 more words

Conversation: Does Audience Matter?

Ryan: So we’re both in college, doing college things. Are there any shows that you really like watching in a group at the PHRAT house? 864 more words

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PlayStation Now, Not Quite Yet

What if I told you – you can play PlayStation games without a PlayStation???