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Netflix streaming service hit by partial outage

Netflix’s streaming service is experiencing a partial outage this Tuesday evening, preventing customers from watching some movies and TV programs. [...] Instead of their normal selections, many customers were presented with a limited number of shows and movies that could be accessed instead. 22 more words

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Share Your World -- 2014 Week 33

I have been slacking on sharing my world. So I decided to go ahead and participate in this weeks challenge. Well it’s not much of a challenge to answer questions, but yeah. 302 more words

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x10: Netflix Documentaries To Check Out

I know it’s Wednesday but… got any plans this weekend?

If you need some down time, I highly recommend checking out one of these documentaries from today’s x10 list. 536 more words


Rabbit: A Free Video Chat That Makes It Easy To Watch Netflix With Friends (Fast Company)

When Rabbit, a video chat application that lets far-flung friends watch Netflix and YouTube together over the Internet, debuted last year, it was plagued by a not-insignificant problem that snowballed into something…

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Some Musings on Nymphomaniac Volumes 1 & 2

Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac (Vol I and Vol II, 2013) are now on Netflix, so I watched them. It’s now been about a week since my viewing, but I still feel like I should make a post on the film, but I’m not going to bother reviewing it. 2,527 more words


Series: Orange Is The New Black

Hi loves,

So I finally did it! I’ve heard many good stories about this series, so I decided to watch is. Daaaaamnnnn I fell for it! 855 more words


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (Netflix review)

Forget Deliverance, forget Wolf Creek, and forget whatever else you think you know about hillbilly terror. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is here, has been for about four years now, and is a trope breaking pleasure-fest. 258 more words