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S Street Rising: Review

This book provided interesting insight into the crack trade of Washington D.C., and the young news reporter who was caught up in it all.

Ruben, a young reporter for the Post, is not only investigating the violence in relation to crack but is also a crack addict himself. 320 more words


The Wolf: Review

This book took me a few chapters to get engrossed in, and I honestly wasn’t holding out much hope for the story. I’m glad that I decided to stick with the story because by the fourth or fifth chapter I was truly sucked into a fascinating read. 559 more words


Joy, Guilt, Anger, Love: Review

This book offers a fascinating glimpse into the neuroscience behind emotions; something not normally thought about when dealing with emotions on an everyday basis.

Before reading this book I hadn’t really thought much about emotion. 293 more words


The Frangipani Hotel: Review

I found myself very disappointed with this book. While I can’t say that I didn’t like the book, because I did, it just fell way… 253 more words


I Freed Myself: Review

This was a fascinating read; analyzing the impact that African Americans had on their own emancipation. This book is a technical, yet understandable read, allowing it to be comprehended by readers of variable skill levels. 320 more words


How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane: Review

The beginning of this book I found hilarious, but by the end of the book the story had lost much of its charm.

The beginning of this book starts out incredibly strong, with the author describing her pre-birth classes and the actual birth process. 295 more words


Dog Gone, Back Soon: Review

Going into this book I was a little apprehensive. Because I was invited to read the book on NetGalley, I didn’t really look at the plot description before I sat down to read this book. 380 more words