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It's cold and flu season! (And I have a remedy!)

Yep, it’s here.  This girl is ready to see it leave immediately.

I am 35 weeks pregnant now and so any little tickle in the throat or sniffle is magnified a thousand times. 304 more words

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Modern Day Saucha: Insta Cleanse

“Through simplicity and continual refinement (Saucha), the body, thoughts, and emotions become clear reflections of the Self within. Saucha reveals our joyful nature, and the yearning for knowing the Self blossoms.”  ~ Yoga Sutras 2.40-2.41…

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Neti Neti

Neti Neti (Na + Iti: Not + End): An Upanishadic Concept of The Infinite Self

A. The Concept

How does one describe or define the Infinite? 1,477 more words