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Expensify Presents: Custom Fields for NetSuite!

We rolled out our NetSuite integration to much fanfare in May of 2014 and saw a tremendous response from both new and existing customers. The integration combines the best of both worlds — the user-friendly Expensify UI with NetSuite as the powerful backend and system of record. 173 more words

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Tip 4 - Show Item textbox in saved search filter to allow user to enter Item name in Netsuite

We all are familiar with adding filters in Saved search, so that we can dynamically see the report by using those filters manually.

Recently I have a requirement, where user wants to have something like this: 317 more words


Expanding our Seamless Corporate Card Support to NetSuite

Hey there! It’s Conor again, one of the Success Coaches at Expensify. Ours is a new team, dedicated to ensuring expense reporting happiness for our customers. 159 more words

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Netsuite : Saved Search grouping by ... and then Count ...

Suppose there are senario where you want to know the cases closed by all users in the last month

In criteria you can give the date range but in results you want to group by and then count all

— Assigned To  — Group
— Number — Count


Music at the speed of flash

If you’re a techie like the members of the Bandtrace team you might be interested in hearing Bandtrace CEO Tommy Wassgren talk about how the Bandtrace website is hosted in the cloud on SSD-based storage.


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Tip 3: Use dynamic value while sending email using email template in Netsuite and attach the email to record

Isn’t it a common requirement to use recipient’s name in an email?????…

Of course… YES….

So in Netsuite, when we use email template, we can set some standard field which represents the recipient’s name. 260 more words


£92m revenue. £53m losses. Farewell Venda.

Venda, one of the UK’s pioneering e-commerce platforms, was bought by Netsuite in July. Customers include Wilkinsons, Laura Ashley and TK Maxx. Founded in 2001, Venda made cumulative pre-tax losses of £53m in its life as an independent company from revenues of £92m yet still managed to pay out a total of £6m in directors emoluments (source: Duedil). 238 more words