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Are you one of the 70% or are you one of the 27%?

In the last week two conversations stand out. One person who I met for the first time at a network meeting said, “I haven’t had a pay rise for 6 years”? 530 more words

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¿Que es el NetWorkMarketing?

¿Que es el NetWorkMarketing? El NetWorkMarketing es una manera completamente distinta de generar ingresos, si trabajas en una empresa normal como empleado puedes optar por participar en uno de estos sistemas para contar con otra fuente de ingresos, trabajando de manera correcta en el tiempo adecuado podríamos obtener muy grandes beneficios, regularmente en el network marketing se cuenta con un equipo, equipo necesario para el avance de toda la franquicia, así es! 132 more words

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Money, we need it

We see in TV shows the common theme of rich people living miserable lives. Obviously, the rich have mainly focused on acquiring wealth. But sadly they have problems with their family and relationships as lack of time in those areas of life. 380 more words

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Do you know what's in your skincare?

I’ve been doing some research into the skincare market and I’m pretty shocked that some of the well-known high-street brands are still putting some revolting substances in our products and getting away with it. 345 more words

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Sipping the Kool Aid

tl;dr: I’m open-minded to the potential helpfulness of essential oils & don’t believe network marketing is a scam

I am a strange mess of opposites.  I’m one of the most cynical people I know, but I’m also one of the most naïve and hopeful.  2,882 more words

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