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Wake Up Now Independent Business Owner Success Tip

I swear on a daily I see people not only in the Wake Up Now business, but in many other mlm business opportunities that are struggling and it’s not because of the opportunity itself. 94 more words

Wake Up Now

Awaken Arabica Black Coffee with Ganoderma

  Awaken Arabica Black presents a robust cup of 100% roasted Arabica black coffee beans blended with Ganoderma, an antioxidant-rich traditional Asian ingredient used for medicinal purposes. 111 more words



You know I have always thought that slogans like these were a bunch of crap. I don’t care if it was Theodore Roosevelt who said it-did Theodore Roosevelt REALLY say that?-I have been a person who didn’t have a lot of confidence in my own will to be able to buoy up my efforts. 980 more words

About my blog

Welcome to my blog. Here you will get to learn my perspective about network marketing and the benefits it holds.

I will share my experiences with you and give you some tips that helped me and tell you what did not work for me. 195 more words



I see my children and I remember how it was. I keep pushing them to get rid of what they don’t need anymore, to give away to younger cousins or to charity clothes that don’t fit anymore, shoes, the battle is with old toys they don’t play with anymore…I look at their faces when they say its special…to them!!! 1,049 more words

Franchising- Don't buy yourself a new job

Last summer I was performing at a country music festival and I met a lady who owned a fast food franchise. A really popular one. Like, the kind of name that should make you think she must be a millionaire for selling cheeseburgers. 313 more words