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Routes Announced Using the Network Statement with Mask

Routes Announced Using the Network Statement with Mask
Networks that fall on a major net boundary (,, or do not need to have a mask included. 15 more words

8.1.2014 - T-DAY

Teachers arrive tomorrow! Time to let them kick the tires on the new system and see how it goes.

To say I am anxious about it is a gross understatement. 168 more words

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Helping Others Understand Your Childs Chronic Pain

Be it co-workers, friends or distant family, at some time you’ll have to explain that your child is suffering from chronic pain. We and others have found one of the best descriptions that sets the scene is that explained to us by Dr. 431 more words

Reaching 100,000 views!

This week I passed a ‘milestone’ in the blogosphere – I hit 100,000 views thanks to you! 

Thank you to everyone who has been along for the ride. 437 more words


クラウド・仮想化普及によるロードバランサ/ADCの大変革、ソフトウェア型の進化と真価 [ #cbajp ]

ビッグデータやクラウドの台頭によって、ネットワーク上を流れるトラフィックが飛躍的に増加する中、そのトラフィックを最適化し、快適なアプリケーション環境を実現するロードバランサ(負荷分散装置)/ADC(Application Delivery Controller)の重要性が増している。従来は、ハードウェアアプライアンスとして導入されるイメージが強かったが、ここにきてソフトウェア型のロードバランサ/ADCが急速にシェアを伸ばしてきた。では、ソフトウェア型ロードバランサ/ADCに死角はないのか、最新の動向を探った。



The Big BANG!

Inspired by CNN article on The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang cast is starting to cost some Big Bang Bucks and no one is backing down or shying away from high demands. 457 more words


Analyzing the new Foursquare

Foursquare was historically about location-based social networking, with check-ins and badges dominating the experience; which was either silly or sporadic at best for the few who tried to use and/or find a use for such a service. 279 more words