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Call of Duty achieve $ 10 billion since its launch in 2003

Activision Inc. developer of the famous video game Call of Duty announced that the game has achieved since its launch in 2003, more than $ 10 billion. 200 more words

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IPERF - The simple guide

IPERF is a great tool for testing bandwidth between 2 computers either on the local LAN or across a WAN.

I wont go deep dive into the mecahnics of TCP and UDP packets, you should already know this and if you dont shame on you! 313 more words


An Interview

This week I had the opportunity to interview Jacob Johnson, CEO and Owner of Johnson’s Discount Foods. I appreciated the story he had to share with me. 262 more words


CSCamp CTF 2014 Forensics 100 writeup netcat, Cryptcat Who Cares?

Download the challenge file from here.

Given a pcap file and we were asked to submit the hash of the encrypted file after reconstructing it. 978 more words


Communication & Network

 Communication                   Network

<>Process in which two or more computers                    <> Collection of computers and                     or devices transfer data,instructions                                       devices connected together  via            and information.                                                                                 communications devices and                                                                                                                                         transmission media. 47 more words

Network by Being Human


Whether this word makes you want to retreat into your bed or coaxes up fond memories of a suave cocktail hour, networking is important to our success. 350 more words