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Building better connections: how to network more effectively in the modern age

This week, we unveil an exciting collaboration with networking expert Julia Hobsbawm. Julia is the founder of the “knowledge networking” business Editorial Intelligence and is the world’s first professor of networking. 358 more words


FCC might limit wireless auctions so AT&T and Verizon don't dominate airwaves

AT&T and Verizon Wireless are less likely to dominate the next round of spectrum auctions because the FCC plans to limit how much spectrum one company can purchase, according to a report from Bloomberg. 206 more words


How to Create a Powerful Daily Routine for Network Marketing

How to Create a Powerful Daily Routine for Network Marketing
When you are an entrepreneur, sometimes it is difficult to know what you need to do on a daily basis.  19 more words

NowTV / Roku2 to stream local media

The NowTV box can be had for only £9.99, a price virtually impossible to beat.  It is a rebranded Roku2 which normally goes for £40 so pretty sure Sky is making a loss on selling the devices, but they probably cover it up in subscriptions. 567 more words

社内LANとIaaSのゲートウエイ装置に、50万円強の最下位機 [ #cbajp ]

シトリックス・システムズ・ジャパンは2014年4月16日、パブリッククラウド(IaaS)や遠隔拠点を利用して社内LANの規模を拡大するためのゲートウエイ装置「CloudBridge」のラインアップを拡充し、ハードウエアアプライアンスとしては最もエントリーに位置する小規模ブランチオフィス向けの新機種「CloudBridge 400」を発表、同日提供を開始した。参考価格(税別)は、帯域2Mビット/秒の最小モデルで57万7500円。開発会社は米Citrix Systems。



Everyone's Getting in on Flexible WAN/Cloud Connectivity

Summary Bullets:

  • Many providers have placed their MPLS WAN service edge inside data centers, offering secure connectivity with class of service support.
  •  The expanding list of competitive offers means enterprises do not have to look far for flexible WAN/cloud connectivity options; pricing should only get better.
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