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Network to Find a Job

Did you know that your chance of getting hired increases by 18% if someone within the organization refers you?  At least 80% of available jobs are never advertised.  354 more words

Build Connections at Networking Events

How do you typically do at networking events?  Do you consistently build connections that help further your career or do you often become frustrated and declare that networking isn’t for you?  335 more words

Things You Should Never Do When Networking

You’ve heard time and time again that networking is the key to developing your career, but how do you ensure that you’re behaving in a way that will create and not limit opportunities for you?  295 more words

Push Me to the Brink

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Envelope Pushers.”

Sweaty palms, dry throat closing up, feeling boxed into a corner, in the spotlight while standing in the shadows.

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Online and Local Target Markets

Trade Marketing

Consumer Behaviour

The digital age has not yet reached an equilibrium in which local and online businesses play nicely.  Many online stores function more like a pick pocket than fair competition. 349 more words


Countdown To Zephyrin International Charities' 1st Networking Event!

Only 20 more days!

On December 6th, we will be hosting our 1st networking event “Holiday Cocktails: Networking For A Cause” at MAGNET Sports Bar & Lounge  58 more words

You get what you focus on.

Self Talk can Change Me

Internal Conversation

When I use negative language, I end up focusing on actions I don’t want rather than the outcome I desire. 360 more words