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ssl-hearbleed.nse mod

YAHP: Yet Another Heartbleed Post

I’ve read that some people are surprised by Nmap’s ssl-heartbleed.nse script behavior: that it will not test all ports.

The script is designed to test only ports with ssl. 187 more words


Changes to Twitter Will Not Change Your Network

Twitter is rolling out changes to how your profile page looks and behaves. Your profile now has a larger header image to capitalise on when telling your business’s story. 171 more words


Load Balancing

Load balancing got its start in the form of network-based load balancing hardware. It is the essential foundation on which Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) operate. 1,770 more words


LinkedIn-and-Out and Back In

LinkedIn has baffled me over the years. I found the public resume format with so many intricate details quite odd, especially when I wasn’t job hunting. 267 more words

Burton Bridges

Implementing Cisco OTV...

…written from the perspective of a Virtualization Engineer.  A very special thanks to Networking Guru @cjordanVA for being a key contributor on this post.

Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV), which is a Cisco feature that was released in 2010, can be used to extend Layer 2 traffic between distributed data centers.   547 more words


Learning - Self-Improvement or Changing the World?

Have you ever asked yourself why you keep learning? What are you gaining from those hours of Self-Improvement? Why you are spending all that money on books, webinars, and courses? 399 more words

Windows Phone 8 App for my Blog

I am pleased to announce my Windows Phone 8 Blog app has been published.  As of yet it is not compatible with Windows Phone 8.1 but should be by the time of “official” release.  25 more words