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Cisco's 8 Tbps router goes live at Telstra

Telstra last week blogged that its 1 Tbps-per-card-capable NCS6008 has gone live on the Telstra Internet Direct network, which serves ‘net bits to enterprise, government and wholesale customers. 65 more words


Save the (Spanning) Trees!

I want to take a moment and talk about Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).  Why?  Well, who doesn’t like trees right?  Frankly, I want to explain a little about STP because without it networks with any redundancy would meet about the same fate as we would if we didn’t have trees. 520 more words


Aimee reviews the gorgeous Merrymaker Sisters ebook!

I read a lot of ebooks. I like learning about social media, as well as paleo and primal health and fitness so I’ve registered to lots of e-newsletters and have received many e-books over the last few years. 548 more words


Programming. An art all it's own.

So, Not sure if I ever mentioned that I am double majoring in Computer science and Computer networking. Currently on my way to my 2 year associates degree and getting my programming certificate. 351 more words


Business plans and projections

How do you write a business plan and make projections when there is nothing like what you are going to be offering? When planning a business that will fit a notch where others have yet to venture there is little but hypotheticals and ideas. 87 more words


On my best behavior -- and it's killing me!

I’m still working on a career change that is taking for ever. I’m making progress — but I think I might just go mad before I find a real job! 125 more words


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