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Artificial Neural Networks, Part 2

After much reading, scribbling on paper, despair, and sudden moments of clarity, I have understood and created an neural network trained with the backpropagation algorithm! 502 more words

Neural Networks

Artificial Neural Networks, Part 1

For my first post/project, I decided to learn more about Articial Neural Networks (ANNs). This is partially for school, as I have a project on machine intelligence due later this month. 523 more words

Neural Networks

there's more to working memory than meets the eye

I’ve had several conversations on Twitter with Peter Blenkinsop about learning and the brain. At the ResearchEd conference on Saturday, we continued the conversation and discovered that much of our disagreement was because we were using different definitions of learning. 1,817 more words


Neural Networks, Manifolds, and Topology

Recently, there’s been a great deal of excitement and interest in deep neural networks because they’ve achieved breakthrough results in areas such as computer vision. 170 more words

Intelligence is inexplicable

So, the question still remains – after spending endless nights in front of a bright screen, surrounded by empty pizza boxes and the soft hum of cooling fans – when does your program finally count as “intelligent”? 1,238 more words