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How AI can help build a universal real-time translator

The breakthroughs in natural language processing and machine translation brought by deep learning might enable us to build a trope of science-fiction books — a universal real-time translator that fits within the human ear. 411 more words

Facebook open sources tools for bigger, faster deep learning models

Facebook on Friday open sourced a handful of software libraries that it claims will help users build bigger, faster deep learning models than existing tools allow. 546 more words

Can machine learning predict NHL Stanley Cup champions using regular season data?


The post title says it all really… Can we train a classifier to predict the Stanley Cup champions using statistics from the regular season? I will use a selection of traditional statistics and advanced statistics. 808 more words

Advanced Statistics

Evolving a Self-organizing Energy Market for Microgrids

A smart microgrid is the integration of an energy production unit with energy consumers. Production is often done via photovoltaic or wind power, but these require either expensive energy storage or the coordination of all consumers for adjusting energy consumption based on availability of generated energy. 269 more words


Neural Coding

To understand neural coding, we have to regard the relationship of synchronized membrane potentials (local field potentials) and the firing of the individual neuron. We have two different processes here, because the firing of the single neuron is not determined simply by the membrane potential exceeding a fixed threshold. 254 more words

Neural Coding

Deep Neural Nets: a brief recap

Neural nets have experienced a surge in interest in the past years. This post is a summary about the subject from my non-academical point of view. 717 more words


Scalability in Self-Organizing Systems

One of the properties of self-organizing systems is scalability. It means that system keeps its working capabilities even if we remove some of its components or add more of them. 464 more words