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Coursera: Machine Learning Lecture#8 "Neural Networks: Representation"



Algorithms that try to mimic the brain.

Was widely used in 80s and early 90s; popularity diminished in late 90s.

Recent resurgence

State-of-the-art technique for many applications. 24 more words

Machine Learning

Simulated Evolution of Preys & Predators using GAs & NNs

This project was an attempt to simulate how successive generations of preys & predators learn to run and chase respectively.

Language & Technology Used: C# & … 280 more words


The Breakfast of Champions

Last week we hosted our first #BreakfastOfChampions, a book club event showcasing the brilliant Luke Dormehl. Over croissants and coffee, Luke, author of… 215 more words

Champion Communications

NeuralTools Nets More Dollars for Business Financing Firm

Lending companies are only able to make a profit if their clients pay back their loans. But how do you know which client to lend to? 248 more words

Case Studies

Fuzzy logic ..Neural networks... aha... Expert System?

“Expert systems belong to field of Intelligent Knowledge –Based Systems that constitute one of the principal fields of activity of computational intelligence has also been referred to as the science that attempts to make computers perform tasks at which humans, for now at least, are better!”. 365 more words

Optimism Towards Electracy

I enjoyed our first two readings “Is Google Making us Stupid?” and “Introduction: Electracy”, which included quite different opinions on technology, specifically the Internet. Concerning Carr’s work, I totally relate to the loss of ability to focus on any one thing at a time. 438 more words

Deep Learning, NLP, and Representations

In the last few years, deep neural networks have dominated pattern recognition. They blew the previous state of the art out of the water for many computer vision tasks. 72 more words