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Picture this scene…

it’s Friday night at Outside Hospital where you are covering the trauma bay, the trauma floors, the trauma step down unit and the trauma ICU.


Out of Body Experience

If you haven’t read any of my recent posts, I’ll fill you in quickly. Late last week I boarded a flight to Seoul, Korea to meet up with an engineer who specializes in robots. 753 more words

12th Instalment: Acupuncture

12th Instalment: Acupuncture

It was the middle of July 2010 when finally I had my appointment letter come through for the Neurology Team at University Hospital Coventry, 11th August 2010 at 3pm! 620 more words


De ce auto-critica nu este o soluţie (permanentă)

Ştiu, ştiu pare destul de evident că nu are cum să fie de bine. De când poate fi un lucru bun să te deteşti, să fii certat cu tine, să te priveşti critic constant? 1,873 more words


Mannitol Protocols


Mannitol 50G (1g/kg) wide open

Furosemide 20-40mg IV immediately following infusion



Mannitol 25G (0.5g/Kg) IV q6h to q8

Furosemide 20mg IV q6h-q8h immediately after mannitol… 52 more words

occipital neuralgia (quick pearls)

can be caused by cervical spondylosis and stenosis – a very common thing we usually call osteoarthritis of the cervical spine and degenerative disk disease. … 115 more words

Cerebral perfusion pressure thresholds in TBI

CPP target range: 50 – 70 mm Hg

Patients with intact pressure  auto-regulation tolerate higher target CPP

Based on:

Aggressive attempts to maintain CPP > 70 mm Hg risk pulmonary oedema, cardiac failure, ARDS (Level II evidence) 20 more words