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Your Brain Is Fine-Tuning Its Wiring Throughout Your Life

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The white matter microstructure, the communication pathways of the brain, continues to develop/mature as one ages. Studies link age-related differences in white matter microstructure to specific cognitive abilities in childhood and adulthood. 566 more words

Personal Development

"Music is in Our Genes" - nature.com

Article published in 2007:
“African cultures that sing alike tend to be genetically similar.” – nature.com

Now, article published March 11, 2014…

“A genome-wide linkage and association study of musical aptitude identifies loci containing genes related to inner ear development and neurocognitive functions… 76 more words

After the Concussion - When Neuropsychological Testing is Recommended

After a concussion, athletes or other people who have suffered a concussion may be referred to a neuropsychologist for more extensive testing to be able to better assess the nature and severity of the concussion as well as to best direct future care. 711 more words

Workshop A - Innovations in Neurocognition: Using Cogmed and Cogstate with Children with Cancer within the Children's Oncology Group

Presentation Description: The Children’s Oncology Group (COG) is the largest pediatric clinical trials organization in the world including over 200 sites internationally. The Behavioral Science Committee within COG emerged from the Psychology Discipline Committee in 2006 to include greater standardization; integration of psychometrically robust measures; more involvement of behavioral scientists; and inclusion within more clinical trials. 283 more words

Late Effects

Chronic Pain Treatment, Neuroscience, and Genetics - Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement on the Radio

Today I had the opportunity to speak about the treatment, neuroscience, and genetics of chronic pain with Dr. Dan Gottlieb, host of Voices in the Family… 91 more words