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You don’t have to look hard to find negative opinions about the use of medication to treat ADHD and other mental disorders in kids and teens. 1,260 more words


Can You Rewire Your Brain In Two Weeks? One Man's Attempt...

Can you rewire your brain in two weeks?  The answer appears to be — at least partially — yes.

The following is a guest post by… 4,046 more words

The 4-Hour Body - 4HB

Neuro-feedback therapy - Part 3: The Results

Going through the preparation for neuro-feedback therapy has been a self-discovery journey so far. One of the assessments, brain mapping, is scary in that the brain-waves it measures can reveal quite accurate things about you and even some aspects of yourself which you may not even realise. 1,462 more words


Neuro-feedback therapy - Part 2: Assessment

The past fortnight has been crazy-busy for me! Being a part-time academic (more admin academic side, rather than teaching and researching – I simply don’t have the energy or time to be a fully-fledged academic :/) in the department, I’ve been organising the marking of close to 650 assignments and test papers! 1,093 more words


ARTICLE: Functional recovery from chronic writers cramp by brain-computer interface rehabilitation: a case report - Full Text

…Dystonia is often currently treated with botulinum toxin injections to spastic muscles, or deep brain stimulation to the basal ganglia. In addition to these pharmacological or neurosurgical measures, a new noninvasive treatment concept, functional modulation using a brain-computer interface, was tested for feasibility. 53 more words

EEG Headset with Active/Passive Electrodes

This took me a while to get around to but I finally constructed an EEG headset for my neuro-feedback experiments. Took an old pair of headphones and converted it into my headset, using a pair of active electrodes I built (based on the concept and design shared at the OpenEEG project) as well as passive electrodes from olimex. 190 more words


Why Astronauts Have Ice Water in Their Veins

Imagine this… you are 203 miles above the Earth, traveling at 17,000 miles per hour and you are attached to nothing.  For most, this would conjur feelings of absolute terror but not if you work for NASA.   328 more words