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Memory relies on astrocytes, the brain's lesser known cells.

When a person is expecting something, like the meal they’ve ordered at a restaurant, or when or when something captures their interest, unique electrical rhythms sweep through your brain.  728 more words


oh BOLD where art thou? Evidence for a "mm-scale" match between intracortical and fMRI measures.

A frequently discussed problem with functional magnetic resonance imaging is that we don’t really understand how the hemodynamic ‘activations’ measured by the technique relate to actual neuronal phenomenon. 782 more words

Cognitive Neuroscience

How the brain stabilizes its connections in order to learn better.

Throughout a person’s life, their brains adapt to what they learn and memorise. The brain is indeed made up of complex networks of neurons and synapses that are constantly re-configured. 481 more words


Increased levels of the body’s own cannabinoids impair embryonic brain development.

The human body produces substances, called endocannabinoids, that work in a similar way to cannabis. These endocannabinoids may not produce a ‘high’, but are of tremendous importance for the functioning of the neural network in the brain, especially during the embryonic stage. 311 more words


Oregon study details brain pathways linking visual function, running.

A new study by researchers at the University of Oregon published in the journal Neuron describes a brainstem circuit in mice that may help explain how active movement impacts the way the brain processes sensory information.  531 more words


Months before their first words, babies’ brains rehearse speech mechanics.

Infants can tell the difference between sounds of all languages until about 8 months of age when their brains start to focus only on the sounds they hear around them. 616 more words


Scripps Florida scientists shed new light on nerve cell growth.

Amidst the astounding complexity of the billions of nerve cells and trillions of synaptic connections in the brain, how do nerve cells decide how far to grow or how many connections to build? 533 more words