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Migraines, My Pain

MYTH: Migraines are headaches

MYTH: Migraines are caused by chocolate, alcohol or coffee

I freely admit that I am a bit of a thrill seeker in a very strange way. 630 more words


New trial may be step forward for spinal cord injuries

In what may be another step forward in treating spinal cord injuries, a safety trial will begin this year on the practice of injecting stem cells directly into the injury site, Neuralstem Inc. 642 more words


Can’t recall that film you saw last week? Don’t forget that cup of green tea, coffee

Nobody likes that frustrating feeling, when you ‘know’ the name of the film you saw last month but can’t really bring it to your lips. That’s your memory not matching up to your needs. 259 more words

Super Foods

Thank You Everyone

As many of you know, this semester I spent a lot of time learning about autism and other neurological problems.  My first step was to simply research what a neurological problem is.  350 more words

Could Silly Putty help treat neurological disorders?

It seems unlikely that Silly Putty – a children’s moulding toy – could prove useful in the medical world. But new research from the University of Michigan suggests that a key ingredient used in Silly Putty can turn embryonic stem cells into working spinal cord cells more efficiently. 556 more words


Maggie and Emma Updates

I don’t even know how to begin this post so I’ll just write it in chronological order.  I have a hard time putting some of this down because of how upsetting it is, so this is probably the easiest way for me to relay the information.   1,980 more words