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Gene fragments linked to brain development and autism

While the anti-vaccine movement enjoys the simple (and very wrong) answer to the cause of autism, there are people who want the actual truth. This drive had lead to a slew of causes (and risk factors) for autism in recent times. 753 more words


The Choice to Go Great

I used to manage my time ineffectively. I would go to bed late after cramming for that paper or test so that when I woke up in the morning not only had I not slept a moon cycle for my circadian rhythm, but I had also received less hours than my body requires to maintain equilibrium. 212 more words

Dream Big

Compassionate Touch Blog Part 2 / When Physical Touch is Unwelcome

While most people have a positive neurochemical response to compassionate touch, some people have had their normal response damaged. If touch is associated with abuse the brain may become trained to release stress hormones when the person is touched in any way. 657 more words

Mental Health

The Jail Clinic

Before setting us free for Christmas, my med school has us spend a few days playing mini me to the residents at hospitals around the city.   367 more words

Born To Be Wild (Or Not)

As a topic I have a lot of interest in, I wanted to expand on introversion and extroversion, this time by trying to look into the biology contributing to these traits. 857 more words


Epigenetic changes and autism

Despite what you may think, the supposed “explosion” of children diagnosed with autism can directly attributed to better diagnosing techniques and — more importantly — the change of definition to make Autism spectrum disorders more broad. 596 more words


American Academy of Neurology

Medical Student Prize for Excellence

The American Academy of Neurology’s Undergraduate Education Subcommittee (UES) is committed to promoting neurology as a specialty and as a potential career among undergraduate medical students. 134 more words