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[#2] Why songwriters should use their brain

My recent interest in human brain functions can be attributed to a desire to correlate brain behavior with a person’s response to music.

I’ve always believed that songwriting is in some ways, an art of manipulation in its best form. 1,684 more words


Coffee Thoughts Ep3: Ideas

A huge part of being a designer is having ideas, though, having ideas obviously isn’t just limited to being a designer, far from it in fact, it is indeed a necessary human function to have ideas. 311 more words


My Science Friday addiction

I admit it. I am a total science geek. A science geek wrapped up in the body of a writer/editor. The English major who spent all her time in the biology labs. 194 more words

Biologist's Wife

Friday Finday and an exciting announcement!

This week has been incredibly uneventful. After that one night of call I took, I ended up only having one half day in clinic all week… 738 more words

Med School

Autism, Maternal Infection and Epigenetics

Epigenetics of Autism-related Impairment: Copy Number Variation and Maternal Infection.




Epidemiological data have suggested maternal infection and fever to be associated with increased risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 233 more words


A more expensive placebo works better than a cheaper one.

Results of a small study suggest that Parkinson’s patients seem to improve if they think they’re taking a costly medication. The findings have been published online Jan. 310 more words


A Mother Turns Her Experience with Epilepsy Into a Learning Opportunity For All

Over the years, I’ve discovered that that the more I write about epilepsy, the more I have the chance to meet patients and families who are working to change many of the common misconceptions about seizures.   830 more words