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Technique Thursday: Computational Modeling

With neuroscience and computer science bleeding into one another, there are a number of ways that computer programming can help in understanding the brain. This can be achieved via… 172 more words


CauseScience Friday - Jan 30th - #Science #Selfie #Friday

crestwind24- I am spending part of my day processing images (micrographs) that I took earlier on our labs confocal microscope. As I mentioned in a… 143 more words


Alcohol Consumption After 60 Helps Preserve Memory

Usually we associate drinking with a poor memory, but a new study published in the American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias says quite the opposite for older people. 288 more words

Chronic Conditions

Northwestern University: Hande Ozdinler leads team that discovers mechanism underlying why upper motor neurons degenerate in ALS

Science Daily: For the first time, scientists have revealed a mechanism underlying the cellular degeneration of upper motor neurons, a small group of neurons in the brain recently shown to play a major role in ALS pathology. 37 more words


Crazy Neurons

This is how I have been feeling lately. Maybe this is a start of yet another series. I seem to like series. There were the Caves, the Honeymoon, and I just started the NJ Turnpike series. 15 more words



Discussing Dharma

Dharma teaching is information
Dharma practice is knowledge
Dharma experience is wisdom

This is a potential never-ending-exploding mind field ;-)
We love to talk to one another, but something always seems to go wrong; this is our human side. 675 more words

Techniques Thursday: Memory Sleuth: How to tell a memory is false

In light of an earlier article I wrote on the vulnerability of memories, and how false memories can be planted in our minds, I decided to write an article on how to tell a memory is false. 320 more words