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The Memory is Weak With This One

Well, if it is, you may have been hit in the head, or somehow developed brain inflammation in some other way. It’s been found from some scientists at the University of California, Irvine, that if you develop brain inflammation from say a hard hit to the head playing football, you will have trouble retrieving complex memories/ memories stored in your LTM (long term memory). 503 more words

Finance And Life

A layman discusses the brain's plasticity

OK…this is a layman discussing brain plasticity and hoping he’s not hopelessly off the mark.

The plasticity of the brain defies belief…a woman born without a Cerebellum and not diagnosed till age 24… 293 more words


The Transmission of a Nerve Impulse

Whilst studying Biology in year 12, I came across a particularly interesting topic which covered ion channels and how they allowed the body to function and absorb nutrients through active transport. 454 more words

Nerve Impulse

Cranial Caucus: confusing conundrums of consciousness

Cranial Caucus

Don Ray

Copyright 2007

Self-awareness, thoughts arising from within the self, objective-external sensory inputs, the self’s filtering and perception of those external inputs, dictated-genetically programmed thoughts and behaviors, randomly firing neurons and synapses, reactions and automatic responses, and somewhere in that cacophony, the whispering of the Holy Spirit?! 658 more words


September 4, 2014

the common smile
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Ponderance of Butterflies

Sitting along the edge of the flowering shore, she turned to him and asked him:

“Do you think butterflies know they’re beautiful?”

He cocked his head, slight and in thought, and replied, “I wouldn’t think so. 459 more words