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Glial cells influence synaptic signaling by neurons

From JGU:

Neurons listen to glia cells

Research collaboration uncovers a novel mechanism of altered information processing between neurons / Major relevance for learning and processing of sensory input…

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This Lego robot is controlled entirely by a worm's brain

This is a video of a robot made from Legos being controlled by the brain of a caenorhabditis elegans, a simple roundworm:

Scientists with the Open Worm project… 134 more words

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I (think) I have hemiplegic migraines

So it seems like I might have hemiplegic migraines. Apparently, the diagnosis is rare enough that it was more likely to have been a stroke or a brain bleed, even though I’m only 32. 1,218 more words

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Why Painful Memories Linger

Live Science: “Memories of traumatic events can be hard to shake, and now scientists say they understand why. Studies on laboratory rats have revealed, for the first time, the brain mechanism that translates unpleasant experiences into long-lasting memories. 60 more words


Xiaoperior's Pokemon Corner- Origin Monday: Reuniclus

Throughout the gens, there have always been pokemon designs that makes a person go WTF? Things like castform, mawile, and dunsparce are some of them but when you do a little more research, and look at their Japanese names a little more, the origins become pretty clear as they are something specific to Japanese culture. 910 more words

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Not too late to buy an original Artcollisions' artwork

Now that my two shows of the season are over, your opportunity to acquire one of my pieces in person is gone, but thanks to the internet, you can still get one or more through the magic of electrons. 643 more words