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Six Weeks Since Last Poisoning :)

And I’m feeling pretty good. I honestly don’t think I could have brought myself to another chemo session. Really.

I’m on the Herceptin only now, every three weeks and that’s not bad at all. 896 more words


A Real Pain In The...

Some comic details came forth from my visit to urgent care Sunday. Stuff like jumping butt cheeks, stale graham crackers and x-ray technicians who know only of x-ray film from books like they’re ancient history. 260 more words


Benfotiamine Inc MultiB Neuropathy Support Formula 150 mg 120

It is true that nothing will help everyone. But someone who suffers from peripheral neuropathy will tell you that even a slight reduction in pain may let them get to sleep at night and be more productive during their day. 207 more words

Locals Suffering With Neuropathy Find Relief With Knox County Chiropractic Office

Pain associated with neuropathy is an issue for many. This is brought about by disease or damage to the somatosensory system within the body. This may result in many symptoms, including coldness or burning sensation, aching, numbness, pins-and-needles feeling, and itching. 324 more words


Speaking at the ExL PR Pharma Summit

I worked ridiculously hard yesterday at the ExL Pharma Conference and gave my first public talk. I can tell you I was fired up as Bob Brooks Executive Vice President of WEGO Health called me and my fellow panelist and my new friend from LA Julie Flygare up to the stage. 487 more words


Did I make the right decision?

Past experiences have taught me my first instincts are usually correct, but like everything else in life that isn’t a guarantee, and after this first night and morning, I starting to have some doubts. 112 more words


Info on Diabetic and Neuropathy Socks.

A diabetic sock is a non-binding and non-elasticated sock which is designed so as to not constrict the foot or leg. Typically sufferers of diabetes are the most common users of this type of sock. 36 more words