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It’s Flu Season: Get your Vitamin D!

During flu season, it’s vital for children to keep their vitamin D at optimum levels. The common flu in scientific terms is a deficiency of vitamin D. 408 more words

Kathleen Berry-Hebert

The Name of This Book is Secret

Author: Psuedonymous Bosch

Illustrator: Gilbert Ford

Actually, it’s not just the name of this book that’s secret; the entire book itself is secret. In fact, you really shouldn’t read it at all, or so says the anonymous narrator. 275 more words

Book Review

Neuroeconomics - Recommended Viewing playlist is up!

Hi everyone!

Just a note to say I’ve thrown together this little YouTube playlist of talks, lectures, and other videos that are helpful for getting some perspective and background on my Neuroeconomics book.  105 more words

"Musicians Playing Well Together" - Mon 17 Nov @QMEECS - free, talk on Cog Neuropsych of Performance

tl;dr “…explanations of why some individuals play well together, while others do not.”

Distinguished Lecture Seminar - Prof Caroline Palmer - 17 Nov 2014
Abstract… 343 more words


Mimicry and the brain


The link to a BBC article which discusses the debate of whether or not mirror neurons really exist.

English/Psychobabble Translation Services

A good neuropsychological evaluation is worth its weight in gold.  A thorough assessment provides invaluable data about an individual’s cognitive, emotional, and psychological functioning,  the way s/he processes and organizes information, and perceives and interacts with the world. 950 more words