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Rise in neuropsychiatric disorders: Specific Attention to the Dramatic Affect in the Elderly

Written by: Ross Finesmith, M.D.

There has been a gradual and persistent increase in the rate of neuropsychiatric disorders reported by the World Health Organization over the past two decades. 581 more words

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Five Functions of Tea Tree Oil

In trying to live a healthy lifestyle, there’s much to consider besides diet. Many cosmetic and domestic products include a long list of synthetic ingredients that, as synthetic ingredients often do, pose a risk to health. 280 more words

Kathleen Berry-Hebert


Forget for a moment that the science in Lucy was discredited several decades ago and consider this: Do you not find it amusing/intriguing that according to Lucy the ultimate end of point of being human is basically to become a super computer? 53 more words


Mental Flexibility--Who's Driving Your Car?

I am in awe of the creation that is our brain/mind* for so many reasons.  One of those reasons is the flexibility to adapt to changing situations, and the classic paradigm of explaining/exploring mental flexibility is the top-down/bottom-up heuristic.   573 more words

All About Cinnamon

Many of us carelessly stir a spoonful into our coffee, drop a pinch into our stewed apples, or sprinkle a dash atop a bright, orange slice of pumpkin pie without a passing thought. 392 more words

Kathleen Berry-Hebert

I'm Not Going to College

In the spring of 2010, I “dropped out” of a third-rate higher education institution in a state of absolutely irreconcilable frustration.  The semantics of the phrase are problematic, because in point of fact there is no sense in which I simply fell away in some overwhelming sense of despondency and failure.  2,629 more words