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Stephen Hawking joins the debate

Stephen Hawking has joined the small group of people sounding the alarm about the possibility of super-intelligence arriving in the next few decades. In a… 271 more words

Artificial Intelligence


I’ve been blogging over at The Conversation as I’ve got my own column!

The aim is to talk about recent brain research in an accessible way… hopefully my posts fulfill this… 17 more words


Researcher's Isolate Protein "Trigger" for Parkinson's Disease

John Hopkins Institute of Cell Engineering has published research indicating a specific protein may act as cellular “trigger” for Parkinson’s Disease.  The protein, named s15, causes a common type of Parkinson’s in human and fruit fly neurons.  141 more words

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Transcendence - brave but counter-productive

It was keenly awaited by people interested in the possible near-term arrival of super-intelligence, but Transcendence has opened to half-empty cinemas and terrible reviews – at the time of writing it has a 20% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 845 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Dendrite Pruning and Optical Methods in Neuroscience

As always this is meant to be a brief overview of a paper (and the methods used in neuroscience) I happened to have found interesting- for more details please refer to the manuscript itself. 1,142 more words


Your Brain on Fiction

By: Lina Jamis, 1st year student in the Anatomy Graduate Program

People love stories—we build social networks around them, we recount them to our friends and families at the end of our day, we whisper them in the dark to our children before they sleep. 680 more words


What's in a Memory?

Imagine this scenario: you are walking down the road and you notice someone looking at you from across the street. They start to wave. Unsure who they are or what they want, you quickly look away and walk in the opposite direction. 557 more words