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New 'flight simulator' technology gives neurosurgeons peek inside brain before surgery

Much like pilots-in-training that practice with “flight simulators” before landing any actual planes — a new, FDA-approved technology has been developed to allow neurosurgeons to practice complex surgeries before they cut into their patients. 46 more words


Imaging test for autism spectrum disorder under development

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is unfortunately a common developmental disorder that has a purely clinical diagnosis. Researchers are developing a method to use functional MRI (fMRI) imaging as a potential diagnostic screening tool for ASD, since early intervention can be very beneficial. 20 more words


Findings Friday: Super brain

Everyone’s been talking about the effects of meditation on the brain. Since it is such a healthy part of daily living and can work wonders on cognitive skills, including learning, memory, and creativity, I do think it is important to give a brief overview of the benefits meditation has on cognition. 430 more words


Technique Thursday: Computational Modeling

With neuroscience and computer science bleeding into one another, there are a number of ways that computer programming can help in understanding the brain. This can be achieved via… 172 more words


Study shows innovative use of smartwatch in diagnosis of tremors

Using a smartwatch, researchers were able to distinguish between essential tremors and Parkinson’s tremors with surprising accuracy. They hypothesize they will be able to use this commercially available technology to monitor the effects of therapy. 6 more words


Manic Monday: BoBo dolls and little kids

Bandura’s famous experiment using children and bobo dolls isn’t exactly twisted, but it’s still very interesting.

Albert Bandura was interested in determining whether or not a child exposed to violence would engage in violence. 429 more words