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Oxytocin: Remember the good times, but don't forget the Bad

 The Bond of Love

I have read a number of  articles related to oxytocin and its effects on our behavior. This hormone has a wide variety of influences upon different brain-body mechanisms. 1,289 more words

Interesting Items

Why: Reading is a Modern Superpower...

It is my contention that:  In the modern world, Reading is no less than a Superpower.

In this post I will explain the thinking behind this, and share 7 reasons why you should consider make reading an integral part of your daily life. 1,141 more words


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Everything Mr. Radcliffe says about reading is absolutely true...I've made reading fiction part of my nighttime ritual and I think better, sleep better, am more creative, and just plain feel better. Reading is the correct answer to asked and unasked questions.

WSJ: Alzheimer's Fight Focuses on Preventive Treatment

In 20 years, 40% of the population will be 80+ years-old… We desperately need R&D now to prevent huge numbers of Alzheimer’s patients overwhelming our health care system. 274 more words


Learning to Slow Down

Yoga is an extraordinarily powerful tool. Especially for someone with a hyperactive mind.

When I was 6 I was diagnosed with ADD and given a prescription for Ritalin. 1,630 more words


Purdue-designed tool helps guide brain cancer surgery

This awesome technology uses a microscopic stream of charged solvent sprayed onto tissue surface to find tumor cells!
Full article: http://goo.gl/9eZAkZ

Medical Devices

Dr. Mercola: Safe cell Phone use - how to reduce electromagnetic radiation.

Thank you Dr Mercola! Time to start turning the cell phone OFF when you are not using it, especially in a building with bad reception. 831 more words


Capgras Delusion: Impostors are Everywhere. Or are they?



Impostors, impostors everywhere. Or are they?



David was involved in a bad car accident. He sustained head injuries when he landed head-first on the ground. Seemingly, though, he was fine, retaining the capacity to talk and walk. 726 more words