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Intraspinal Stem Cell Transplantation in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Phase I Trial, Cervical Microinjection, and Final Surgical Safety Outcomes

Neurosurgeons were able to successfully & safely inject stem cells into the spinal cords of individuals with ALS – imagine the potential!

Full article: http://goo.gl/y1jRIW


Breakthrough therapy allows four paraplegic men to voluntarily move their legs

A new breakthrough treatment, known as epidural electrical stimulation, is allowing previously paraplegic individuals to regain use of their legs!

Full article: http://goo.gl/ayXJDA


What are you good at?

Everyone’s good at something.

That ^^ may be an oversimplification but you can see where I’m going here. On another Breakfast Club note, you could be good at taping buns together. 476 more words


Brief review: Simultaneous two-color optogenetics using novel probes (Klapoetke et al., 2014)

To catch up on the field of optogenetics, here is a primer and here is an update on some new stuff.  Also refer to the literature ( 996 more words


Unravelling the Mysteries of the Unconscious Mind- Answering the Why and How

In my previous post, the power of the unconscious mind is dabbled in and I conclude with a question of how and why the unconscious mind predominates over our conscious mind. 535 more words


Medical First: 3-D Printed Skull Successfully Implanted in Woman

Surgeons in the Netherlands were able to 3D print a woman’s skull! This is an incredible advancement in both medical technology and 3D printing!

Full article: http://goo.gl/nNYNN5

Medical Devices

Neuroscience Has a Problem

I went to a seminar led by a visiting professor the other day, and the speaker opened with something close to this: “I do electrophysiological research in the spinal cord and work on new imaging technology, and I am also the head of the University Center for Mental Health, so I guess you could say I am schizophrenic—I basically have two personalities.” This was his attempt to open with a joke, and he got a weak round of laughter for his efforts. 883 more words