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Junk food diet impairs memory and reduces brain plasticity

So, here’s some hot off the press research that I did…

We exposed rats to a high fat / high sugar “junk food” diet or a standard diet in the control animals and then tested their memories on a task known as trace conditioning which allowed us to determine how different memory systems were functioning – the hippocampus and the amygdala. 221 more words


Organized Odor

I was once told that “all knowledge can be distilled into two parts, identity and function”. It is a common parameter for effective research.  In order to know how one drug is more effective than another, which ingredient can accent your dish or how to pull the bow across your violin for that magical sound; you need to know what was different and how the outcome contributes to your desired goal. 1,444 more words

Interesting Items

A Prosthesis to Fix Broken Memories

By: Daniel Hass, 2nd year PhD candidate in the Neuroscience Graduate Program

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been a major funding source for the development of unique and innovative technologies under its motto of “driving technological surprise.”  Some of DARPA’s current projects include designing bullets that can adjust their course in-flight, novel techniques to investigate brain function (see my previous post on… 705 more words


WSJ: Doodle: Improves Focus and Memory

Great to know that this is a useful pastime – it keeps me sane when meetings run long, but it also helps us stay attuned… :) 302 more words

Business Productivity

Intergenerational Transmission of Fear

Babies can learn very early in life to fear something that frightened their mothers even before they were born. Scientists have known for some time that… 257 more words


Creativity and Neuroeducation

Our brain has the ability to identify patterns. Curiosity shown by novelty facilitates learning, that is based, in part, on its ability to be creative. Knowledge can be acquired through this creative thinking, that allows us to solve problems unpredictably and supplementing the critical or analytical thinking, which uses a linear and rigorous scientific methodology. 67 more words


Welcome to LearnHaus

For years, professionals in the learning field have worked very hard to design and deliver training that is effective and increase performance improvement all while meeting the goals and needs of the organizations they serve.  651 more words