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WSJ: Are Seven Hours of Sleep Better Than Eight?

Hmmm too much slew is BAD for your heart??? I must say that, of late, 7 hours has seemed optimum – tho it may take 8 hours in bed to get 7 hours of sleep. 255 more words

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Injured spinal cord neurons repaired by intranasal nerve growth factor

Researchers have shown that nerve growth factor can bypass the blood-brain-barrier and enhance neuronal growth via intranasal injection!
Full article: http://goo.gl/vXWAhQ


Hubris? (Days 18-21)

Days 18 – 21 of 1001

Why is it that motivation seems to diminish, or slowly fade when we start to see the results of what we’re working towards… or is it just me? 683 more words

Oxytocin: Remember the good times, but don't forget the Bad

 The Bond of Love

I have read a number of  articles related to oxytocin and its effects on our behavior. This hormone has a wide variety of influences upon different brain-body mechanisms. 1,289 more words

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Why: Reading is a Modern Superpower...

It is my contention that:  In the modern world, Reading is no less than a Superpower.

In this post I will explain the thinking behind this, and share 7 reasons why you should consider make reading an integral part of your daily life. 1,141 more words


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Everything Mr. Radcliffe says about reading is absolutely true...I've made reading fiction part of my nighttime ritual and I think better, sleep better, am more creative, and just plain feel better. Reading is the correct answer to asked and unasked questions.

WSJ: Alzheimer's Fight Focuses on Preventive Treatment

In 20 years, 40% of the population will be 80+ years-old… We desperately need R&D now to prevent huge numbers of Alzheimer’s patients overwhelming our health care system. 274 more words