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Questioning Everything

Here we are at the end of the fall trimester of 2014 at Proctor Academy, a small school in rural New Hampshire, my home for nearly half my life,  and I feel more confused, less sure of my role as a teacher and more opened up to new ideas, than ever before.  740 more words


The Deeper Layers of Mindfulness

“Realize that you are in there. You must first come to realize that you are in there. From deep inside, you are experiencing the world. You are experiencing your physical body, your thoughts and your emotions. 1,542 more words


I Smell Something Amazing! – by Dr. Sara Sawtelle

I do smell something amazing … success! A man paralyzed from the chest down from a knife attack in 2010, can now walk! Doctors transplanted nerve cells from his nose into his severed spinal cord resulting in a first of its kind regenerative medicine. 347 more words

BrainWare Safari Software

Kids Crave Feedback

Last week’s cathartic rant on the traditional bell curve approach to testing has left me free to reflect on the tool of feedback which we give to our students, and how crucial it is to them as they learn. 890 more words


In your face Krueger, you ain’t got nothin’ on this!

Its mere mention brings creatives out in a cold sweat. Normally followed by a stuttered “do we have to?” and “there must be another way.” 518 more words

Sore Thumb Thinking

Rise of Neurocinema: Reading Brainwaves to Win Awards

In this article we will explore the use of neuroscience and its application to enhance the film experience. Princeton University psychology professor Uri Hassan coined the tern “neurocinematics” that examine the brainwaves and affects on films. 214 more words


What's Wrong with Tests?

A Lot of things. The longer I am an educator, the more I dislike tests. I’m not talking about standardized tests like SAT’s and so forth, which of course have their own problems. 844 more words