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Melancholy, an excerpt

It was just what she found herself going for, a nebulous sort of thing, more of a feeling than anything. Yet she slipped into it, a kind of mood, a melancholia, even, yes; only it felt like finding herself, or falling into a familiar room. 129 more words

Bugs in The Night

Winter has deffinitely arrived and there’s a cricket in my room, an escapee from my brother’s bedroom. His bearded dragon Argyle basically inhales them once they are let lose in his enclosure. 187 more words

Short Read

The Path

I completed an animation project last night that I started months ago. It was a lot of work, from conceptualization to completion, from sketched layouts to finished cartoon. 412 more words


Headline Muse

Blessed will be the day

When we hear the newsman say

“Forget all of the chatter

- at all, none of this does matter”

And none and sadder… 50 more words


Do you suffer from Escalophobia, Genophobia or Mycophobia? I fear for you.

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The other night I quite accidentally overcame my lifelong fear of down escalators (escalaphobia); and I was almost too engrossed in my new book to notice. 648 more words



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Alright, since I’m back to BoT9K, I suppose it’s time for an update to the current situation.

I finished my prospectus a long time ago, and have been working on my dissertation since then. 404 more words

Girl on Fire

I almost choked my sister today…I mean, my hands were on her throat. I felt a red light flash across my field of vision I was so angry, there was mercury carving river beds in my skin, a rush so good and so horrific you’re not entirely sure it’s real. 613 more words