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Neuroses : or, why not begin again....?

Neuroses: or, Dynamite Walls Contain Us

- a self-help novel (what great novel isn’t?) -

            They said he, well, those who knew him said.  Really it should be “they” – not “ him.”  Inclusive.  943 more words


Atriarch - An Unending Pathway (Review)

Atriarch are from the US and this is their third album. They play Blackened Doom Metal.

Atriarch play a curious mix of Doom and Blackened Gothic Rock. 209 more words


Help Me

Dear God,
help me to stop hurting others;
help me to love larger than fear;
help me to put others before me.
Dear God,
save me from myself, 6 more words

An exercise in caring

It boils down to caring. It bothers her to think she is caring less about certain things she used to care more about. Yes, she is certain, there are things she is moving away from, and other things she is moving towards, in terms of caring, although the exact perimeters of those things she is unclear of. 108 more words

Prose Poem

A Whole Single Person

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I wasn’t happy.

I know that sounds really odd but it’s true.

Lately I’ve been hit with random moments of sadness where I find myself missing certain things about the relationship I had with “D”. 418 more words


Melancholy, an excerpt

It was just what she found herself going for, a nebulous sort of thing, more of a feeling than anything. Yet she slipped into it, a kind of mood, a melancholia, even, yes; only it felt like finding herself, or falling into a familiar room. 129 more words

Bugs in The Night

Winter has deffinitely arrived and there’s a cricket in my room, an escapee from my brother’s bedroom. His bearded dragon Argyle basically inhales them once they are let lose in his enclosure. 187 more words

Short Read