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Erlen Meyer - Erlen Meyer (Review)

Erlen Meyer are from France and play Post-Metal. This is their début.

Featuring a bold and striking album cover, the album itself is the sound of nightmares made musical and given a soundtrack. 180 more words


Raum Kingdom - Raum Kingdom (Review)

Raum Kingdom are from Ireland and this is their début EP.

They play Post-Metal in the Cult of Luna/Isis style, showing that they have learnt their trade well from the masters but are now more than capable of branching out on their own. 271 more words


Semara - Old Man's Tale (Review)

Semara are a Post-Metal band from Sweden.

This is their first release and it contains 4 tracks, just under 30 minutes of music.

This is Post-Metal fashioned after the Isis/Cult of Luna/Neurosis pantheon and straight off it’s clear that Semara have a good grasp of what makes the genre a compelling one. 174 more words


The Blue Pen Dilemma


My pen died today. I use cheap black BIC pens, because every time I get a more expensive one it dies immediately. You know those Seven Year pens? 463 more words


The unsurprising and appalling results of the fetish poll

I’ve just reviewed the results of the poll I published recently and I am unsurprised, though simultaneously appalled.  It is understandable that most people (41%) have never told anyone about their fetish, and the majority of those who have been brave enough to take the leap have told a sexual partner (34%).  550 more words