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Love. Part II. My Marriage.

The Best Buy parking lot.

That is where my ex-husband “B” proposed. An hour earlier I had been in my college apartment packing to go home for the weekend when I got a call from my gynecologist advising me that I needed more testing because my cervical cells came back “suspicious”.  1,589 more words


In search of peace

It would be great if I could sleep for about a week and wake up feeling refreshed. Heck, it would be great if I could feel refreshed after a regular eight hours of sleep. 274 more words


The sun also rises

I feel like I’m sliding back into depression. It’s maybe because I’m trying to cut down on my medication, my husband things so. I dunno though, I just feel like I want to die sometimes. 184 more words


Then, The Eagerly Awaited Letter; Now, The Notification

Every weekday of my two years in boarding school bore witness to the implacable ritual of the mail from home: run to the teacher’s staff-room, ask for the day’s letters and postcards–sorted into piles corresponding to your ‘ 570 more words


Hung Up On The Hang Ups

We all have hang ups. Those small voices in our heads telling us we should be better, nicer, thinner, smarter.

(We do all have hang ups, right? 863 more words


Love. Part I.

Today I was asked if I thought “love conquered all”. My instinctual response was hell no.

But I have to admit it has been sitting in the back of my mind all day mocking me…. 710 more words



I made a New Year’s resolution to be less resolute about everything and I have followed it… maybe a bit too resolutely. I think a big issue I’ve become aware of in my life is my own sense of pride and need to achieve. 277 more words