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Process of Guilt/Rorcal - Split (Review)

This is a split between Portugal’s Process of Guilt and Switzerland’s Rorcal.

Rorcal’s contribution to the split is 15 minutes of anguished, Blackened chaos.

On their previous album Vilagvege they had a Blackened element to their sound, with dark atmospheres and Black Metal-laced blasting appearing in places; on this split they appear to have embraced this bitingly harsh side of their sound to a greater deal and these three songs have a much stronger Black Metal influence. 259 more words


The dichotomy

I am a neurotic and narcisstic bitch.

I am also at times completely delved into self-pity and momentary sadness that it is almost as if two personas live inside of me. 8 more words


The Magic Roundabout: why anxiety shouldn't stop us learning

“I have had enough, I just want to get out
Let me off o’ this English roundabout”

So sang new wavers XTC on their 1982 album, 

1,599 more words

wayfaring stranger

an empty idea of home; barren land spread before me and ghosts of people my heart had loved too much, too harsh, too sporadically. i chewed into pieces of myself to satisfy the hunger i had to feel anything, to know what it was like to be alive in a body that had begun to rot 7 years before. 295 more words

Nefarious Troll

I’ll Just Put This Here

Hmm… This looks familiar. The coordinates obtained from IP Address indicated the posting location of the Internet Troll that took it upon themselves to comment on my last blog entry, which was not about them, seems to be by way of Miami. 796 more words

BiPolar Disorder

Therapy Flashcards: For Your Mental Health!

My sister was kind enough to set me up with a deck of therapy flashcards for my birthday. Just in the nick of time too!  I could feel my mental trolley slipping off the tracks.   92 more words


Mark Latham Is Better Than You

I got home from work this evening, sat down to scroll through my monotonous Facebook news feed filled with Buzzfeed articles titled What Your Friends REALLY Think Of You… 905 more words

The I Live Here Experience