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10 Types of Odd Friendships You're Probably a Part Of

It’s very fabulous. It casts humor and light on the kinds of relationships people have these days. Everything’s weird. Most friendships are odd anymore and this article is honest about that. 96 more words


Arishta is herbalised wine

The main herb in this Arishtam

is Gotu Kola, acclaimed in

both the East and West for its

powerful revitalizing effect on

the brain and nervous… 85 more words


Repost: Signals and subliminal signal associations

Signals sent between people are almost never simple, single entities devoid of ambiguity.

Indeed, even very clear communicative signals, especially in interpersonal communication, are often fraught with subliminal associations. 738 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Turned out to be a cleanse.

- What did you feel when I…
– After the first time I felt excited, another two came with some kind of a relief, and then I simply couldn’t go on without it, it became something I needed.

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She woke up two hours later, went out of the room. All I remember was her, putting the knife on the desk and sitting behind me, I couldn’t move, and so I got into that state again, between a dream and reality, kinda out of body experience as I started screaming and shaking, but I was out and back again, I didn’t know whether I’m screaming inside of my head or if it can be actually heard, I think I woke up and felt asleep back again. 439 more words


Pain is relative.

She loves pain, she needs it.
Constantly thinks of cutting herself to feel it, wrote me today, that her depression is something she won’t probably get out of, that she needs to be alone sometimes, and also she needs pain which she cannot find at home, I wrote her back, that I will give it to her if she really wants it. 368 more words


The ahamkar's "not-me".

Ahamkar is the principle that governs the formation of the ego, or the self-image that one identifies as “me”.  Simply put, when a feeling-toned thought arises in the mind, the awareness seems to leap toward it.  867 more words