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Unhold - Towering (Review)

Unhold are a Sludge Metal band from Switzerland and this is their fourth album.

Unhold play Sludge Metal with a good grasp of Space Rock, Doom, Post-Metal and Progressive Metal. 228 more words



Fragile, you know, when you can feel yourself breaking down into incongruous pieces into your very arms. It is when you are so vividly dissolved into an assurance of your temporality that even a thought of the slightest stir makes all your colors settle down to the shallowest bottom. 423 more words


Ken Watanabe.

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Ken Watanabe. Not in a sexy way, you understand. Don’t get me wrong; if middle-aged Japanese actors were my type then Ken would definitely be top of the list. 810 more words

Self Love

I had a great fucking day.

Yesterday not so much. My soul was definitely a puree in a blender and I was useless at work…. but in the evening I had an amazing conversation with my best friend that made me realized how loved and blessed I am (especially bc she is a part of my life)…. 320 more words


Beyond Neurosis: Understanding, accepting and healing.

The neurosis is ever present, it infuses the air and shrouds the true nature of reality. It keeps the true occurrence of things veiled and creates a field upon which our own neurotic impulses are selfishly projected. 601 more words



Overall today was good. But after work I found myself feeling heavy again with emotion. I was looking toward the future and all the “what ifs” and the fear of them consumed me before I could blink. 601 more words


Son Rise, Son Set

On the cusp of arising, only sleep stands in my way;

While the sun dost arise, the image above seems to fly

It is not an old wife, nor be it her tai. 218 more words