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Neurotypical Psychotherapists and Neurodivergent Clients

I’m often asked if I have any words of advice for psychotherapists and other professionals, on working with clients who are autistic and/or otherwise neurodivergent… 217 more words


Theory of Mind - a reflection

Last year, when I found out I had autism–more specifically aspergers–I read and read and read every list of symptoms, traits and attributes of the disorder. 1,221 more words

Insomniacs and brain plasticity

Recent research has suggested that insomniacs have more brain plasticity than non-insomniacs. This is quite a conundrum since brain plasticity is what you get when you sleep! 154 more words

My Heart

Decided to start a blog about the daily life of my family.  Just a little history about us…I’m a  mother of two teenage girls. My oldest daughter, Bug, is diagnosed as a child on the autism spectrum. 178 more words



This is a post I’ve been thinking about for as long as I’ve blogged, but concluded that it was a little too personal. However, I have become a little more personal lately because I feel that someone should be writing about nonverbal learning disorder in Norway too, and when I read a post by… 1,460 more words


Managing Challenging Behaviors in Neurotypicals


Many neurotypical adults have behaviors that the rest of us find difficult to handle. These people are generally unaware of the stress their challenging behaviors cause for autistic friends and family members. 458 more words