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I am Sarah. I was diagnosed with ASD this year at the age of 28. I decided to make this blog because I attempted a youtube video about childcare advice etc. 475 more words


Peer to Peer: How to Make Sure Pranks on Kids with Autism Don't Happen

There are too many stories of horrific acts done to kids on the spectrum these days.  The ice bucket challenge “prank” in Ohio, the boy in Pittsburgh duct-taped to a soccer goal… Targeted hate crimes if you ask me.   373 more words

Special Needs Parenting

The power of ignorance

So this morning, I had to leave my design class because of ignorance so extreme that it was either walk away, cry, or turn to violence. 572 more words


Bad Mother

No sooner had I published my next to last post (the last one dealt with mesothelioma, not with Asperger’s), than I received another comment. This time they took issue, not with the post, not with Ryo, but with me. 971 more words

Ryo Kiyan

Locked In – In Real Life

Let me start by saying that I love John Scalzi. Really. I do. I swear. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have gone to his signing/reading up in Houston when “Lock In” came out. 556 more words


The Negress. The 10. Mental and other illnesses.

With Robin Williams’ suicide, a lot of the Negress’ fellow mental patients came out of the brain chemistry closet to try their very best to help… 454 more words

Health And Wellness

Vitamin Yay

When I was prescribed lithium, I researched and fairly quickly read that it occurs naturally in water and lowers suicide stats – and soon after, I found a meme screaming at the government (the US one, i presume) about the idea of putting it into drinking water. 318 more words