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Vitamin Yay

When I was prescribed lithium, I researched and fairly quickly read that it occurs naturally in water and lowers suicide stats – and soon after, I found a meme screaming at the government (the US one, i presume) about the idea of putting it into drinking water. 318 more words


He flapped

So far I am the only one in my family and extended family that has been diagnosed with autism. We sometimes speculate if a couple other family members have autism, but nothing has ever come of that. 399 more words


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This is a wonderful post, and something everyone should read. I REFUSE to stop Beth from flapping! Some people are bothered by it, and want me to teach her to act in a more "normal" fashion. NEVER! Flapping is her Happy, and I would never tell her that she does Happy wrong. I pray that Beth never feels alone or broken, because she is neither. Anne loves to be just like her big sister, and although she is considered neurotypical (if there is such a thing), she can flap almost as well as Beth. I beam with pride every time they show their Happy, because it is a beautiful thing. :-)

Black And White: One Significant Aspect of Having Asperger's

Don’t let the title of this post mislead you; this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with race WHATSOEVER.

Rather, this has to do with something that has been a big part of my having Asperger’s Syndrome for pretty much my entire life, and continues to do so often to my detriment… 926 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

First Day

Today was our first day of homeschool. We spent two hours on school time before having lunch. Anne is now napping and Beth is having speech therapy. 326 more words

Clothing Optional

Our house has been a “clothing optional” house (diaper and underwear are required) since our children were old enough to take their clothes off  This is something that has always bothered Henry, but he is slowly coming to accept that it is what it is. 491 more words

adhd - terms n conditions

well, first thing should be that I consider myself to be adhd, and that that is the ‘source’ of most of ‘my’ information.

This is in the face of that I saw an adhd specialist psychiatrist 3 weeks ago, and his assessment was that I am not adhd, but have a “processing disorder” – I think he meant an auditory one.. 121 more words

The difference between shyness and misunderstandings

I’m shy, but I also struggle with the disconnection between autistic and allistic styles of communication. I see these as separate issues, but people seem to confuse them. 701 more words