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no competition

Spunky Kitty is writing today, because the BunnyHopscotch is too tired to articulate anything. This post is about the confusing phenomenon of “competition,” so deliriously practised by the neurotypical world (and some Aspies too). 945 more words


~~ irony, satire, Aspies: here be dragons

Things paradoxical are usually mis-called “ironic” in post-literate English (US-origin?) usage: “It’s ironic that…” introduces a paradox — something contrary to expectation. But paradoxical happenings or circumstances cannot be ironic, because they don’t express an intent. 492 more words


Why "The Lego Movie" is great for your "Special" kid

     My family and I went to see “The Lego Movie”.  It was an odd choice seeing how my youngest is 12 year old girl.  The problem was, it was the only movie we could all agree on.   463 more words

"the Lego Movie"


I hate this term.

It was originally coined by those with autism and Aspergers to describe those who do not fall on the autistic spectrum, but has since been adopted by the mental health community to describe people who are psychologically well.  180 more words

It Might Be An Epic Failure

Have you ever heard the expression, “You’re setting yourself up for failure”? I know I have. My mom used to warn me against doing that and I like to think I’ve learned to pay very close attention to that possibility when it comes to making decisions. 2,646 more words

What Autism Feels Like to a Neurotypical

The past two days have reminded me what autism feels like to a neurotypical (NT). Mark had not been getting good sleep and may have ingested some sugar, sending him back into Aspieness. 189 more words

your child can hear you

I recently watched a video on Autism, and in that video moms are shown with their children, meltdowns are taking place, some kids are hitting their parents, you hear the babbling of nonverbal children (all trying to make their voice heard), kids that are too big to be carried clinging to mom, vying for her attention. 558 more words