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Clothing Optional

Our house has been a “clothing optional” house (diaper and underwear are required) since our children were old enough to take their clothes off  This is something that has always bothered Henry, but he is slowly coming to accept that it is what it is. 491 more words

adhd - terms n conditions

well, first thing should be that I consider myself to be adhd, and that that is the ‘source’ of most of ‘my’ information.

This is in the face of that I saw an adhd specialist psychiatrist 3 weeks ago, and his assessment was that I am not adhd, but have a “processing disorder” – I think he meant an auditory one.. 121 more words

The difference between shyness and misunderstandings

I’m shy, but I also struggle with the disconnection between autistic and allistic styles of communication. I see these as separate issues, but people seem to confuse them. 701 more words


Terminology: Neurotypical

I have been meaning to post this for a while but have been putting it off to post other things. I came across a word the other day that I surprisingly did not know, given that I majored in neuroscience as an undergrad, and I think that it is a term that most of us blogging about mental illness should know and use regularly. 112 more words


Writing about Asperger's and Other Things

There are reasons why it’s been a long time since I last posted:

1) I was busy starting my next novel in the Revengers series, and… 734 more words

Ryo Kiyan

Mmmmm to critical reflect on educational theories/theroists

My initial reaction when asked to reflect on theorist bores me…..but then when I think about the theories and theorists I favor and re-evaluate them from a critical viewpoint becomes quiet engaging, particularly as I love learning through discussion and debate! 330 more words

General Education

Going public

I finally found the courage to bring up the subject of Asperger’s with my husband this week. His reaction? “I’ve told you before that you’ve got that,” he said. 401 more words