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Definitely Not Neurotypical

Things are looking up again. The cold is slowly receding, and the engagement is over! Phew! The engagement story is for another day. To summarize it in a line, well, it was awkward. 393 more words

Mixed marriages - understanding each other

The term mixed marriage carries with it a lot of negative connotations due to a horrendous history of how people in mixed marriages have been treated by their own and the other party’s own. 519 more words


What's typical, anyway?

The WeeOne. Oh my. This child keeps me on my toes. Like a prima ballerina, I tell you. The other day on Facebook, I talked about his behavior leaving me reeling, wondering what in the world had just happened.   476 more words

I'd Rather Be Masturbating

Upon spotting an “I’d rather be masturbating” license plate frame, a very high functioning Aspie woman I once knew said, “Me too.” In follow-on discussions, she revealed that she enjoyed her vibrators immensely and asked me to participate in phone sex with her—not once or twice but whenever she could steer the conversation in that direction. 312 more words


Tricks of the Trade: Make Any Environment Asperger's Friendly!

In reading the blogs of others on the spectrum, I’ve come to find that we can be rather resourceful individuals. 1,341 more words


Neurotypicals and Their Weird Obsessions.

Imagine, for a moment, an individual with a special all-consuming interest. They are interested in a particular, specific event. This event is aired on TV regularly. 1,652 more words


Marriage + Church + Autism = Forever?

I (Danáe) am not an expert on autism. I’m a person, probably like you, who is affected by relationships with folks who are on the autism spectrum. 678 more words