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I'm me, I think

In a world not very unlike the one we live in today, an old friend and I were chat-chat-chatting about how long we’d been friends and how much we’ve changed over the years but still remained friends like no time had passed at all. 440 more words


180 Grams of Happiness

Listening to music via iTunes and listening to records are two different experiences. You can fight me all you want to on this subject but I will not back down. 333 more words

180 Gram

Easy Run (6k)

I haven’t run since the half marathon at the Incredoubleman Triathlon on September 14th. So that’s 57 days…nearly two months.  TWO MONTHS!!  I’ve needed this time to regroup and heal after the injuries I sustained thanks to a lack of any kind of well thought out training plan (click… 466 more words


Neutral Milk Hotel's last scheduled show serves as a fitting FFF finale

Depending on what part of Neutral Milk Hotel’s set you caught, you might be under the impression that you’ll be seeing much more of the band in Austin or that you won’t see them here (or anywhere else) again for a very long time. 422 more words

Fun Fun Fun Fest

Playlist of the Month: Soundtrack to my Tears

It’s been an (ironically) fun week for us, talking about crying and feels and emotions, and where and when and what makes us break down. On the final day of A Cry For Help Week, we’re sharing some of the songs that are trigger tracks, if you will. 1,460 more words