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Records that I will remember.

How to choose a record to listen to? I remember in my teens I didn’t have internet. The radio was all shit and television even worse, peers listened to garbage they heard on the radio, so the only way to discover music for me was to hijack into my fathers vast collection of CDs. 1,016 more words


A musical tour of the Gothic South

Southern Gothic, that overused and much abused term for offbeat happenings below the Mason Dixon line, is seemingly more popular than ever with the general public. 955 more words

Bent Notes Column

If I Had 5 Albums For The Rest Of My Life...

The game desert island is kind of fun.

I’m not that interested in survival stories though. So let’s but me in a similar hypothetical situation that has the same conditions as the desert island game. 1,545 more words


Some Thoughts About Music

So, I guess I’ve been sitting on this ever since I went to that Andrew Bird show like two months ago, but do you realize that there is such a thing as art music?   1,181 more words

Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Though I’m a newfag, I’m actually very familiar with this album, so listening to it in preparation for this review was in no way a new experience.   1,297 more words


Ignored 41: Superchunkish

A Google search doesn’t give any firm proof that Superchunk’s publishing company is (actually) called All the Songs Sound the Same. Aside from mention in a number of articles and blog posts. 732 more words