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How Does One "Feel Like A Man"?

What does it mean to feel like a man, to feel masculine, to “embody your own boy-energy”, to “don the mantle of manhood”? What IS boy-energy? 114 more words


I Speak Up About The Use of the "T" Word

I was watching a You Tube video about a person who bought a new wig. The texture of it was kinky curly/afro, and the hair was reeeeeaaaaaallllllyyy big! 176 more words


My new video "Everything Is Gendered!"

Oh, hiii! I made a new You Tube video about the annoying fact that society likes to gender label everything, specifically clothes and hairstyles. It’s geared toward trans people, but I think it could apply to anyone. 17 more words


mid-course correction.

i don’t think that i’ve ever blogged/written about gender before. probably because i’m too busy writing about he harmonious (re:savage, brutal, deadly) lives of my snails. 373 more words


friday words on words

today i’ll try to compile my thoughts on labels, names and words i’ve had over the last months – whew! here we go!

one impulse to question the gender i was assigned at birth was that a friend of mine came out as… 1,247 more words


Me, my gender, and the "Am I REALLY trans?" question

I wonder how many gender abolitionists are actually agender and are generalizing their lack of strong gender identification as the default mode of being. I will admit that when I was a young teen, I had believed that my lack of strong gender feelings meant I was “enlightened” as to the “true nature” of gender.  746 more words

My Surgeon Is Awesome

I met with the surgeon today. He’s a gynecological oncologist working at a big hospital complex, so he’s a very busy guy with all sorts of patients needing all sorts of treatment options. 338 more words