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Magnetar discovered near supernova remnant Kesteven 79

(Photo Credit: ESA/XMM-Newton/Ping Zhou/Nanjing University)

The European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton X-ray telescope has detected two very different neutron stars in the leftover remnants from a supernova explosion located about 23,000 light-years away. 353 more words


Eldritch Nine: Atroxxis, The Undying Star

In this post on the membership of the alien Nine who are One, I’ll introduce a recent creation: an intelligent being in the form of a dead star, or rather, an… 729 more words


Expected Number of Neutron Stars in UFDs

I sample a Salpeter IMF using the method of inverse transform sampling. Starting with the integral of the Salpeter IMF, N(< M) ∼ M^-1.35, I construct the normalized cumulative distribution function (CDF) by computing (M^-1.35 – M_1^-1.35) / (M_2^-1.35 – M_1^-1.35) for 10,000 masses M evenly spaced in log between the integration limits M_1 and M_2. 127 more words


Top 10 Stars That’ll Blow Your Mind

No one can help but look at all the stars which adorn our skies and wonder, “what’s out there?” It’s natural to dream about that which lies so very beyond our reach. 2,162 more words