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Enigma Supernova Remnant Has Hotter, Oddly-Shaped Radio Waves (Video)

Astronomers have identified the remnant of supernova which exploded about 2,200 years ago containing debris tens of millions of times hotter than expected, having swept up material equal to 45 times the mass of the Sun.


God...our sanctuary

My Crude Chart for New Jerusalem Layout (copies permitted as long as author & this web site acknowledged)*
This is a special depiction of the saved people tribes and their divisions, as where they will dwell on the Earth made new. 2,600 more words

My heart is a like a neutron star, dense and heavy.

My heart is like a magnetar, dense and heavy and a thousand times magnetized.

Four weeks from this day I will board a flight to the far away field location. 353 more words


Olbers' Paradox

There is enough luminous matter in the universe to completely light up the night sky brighter than the surface of the Sun.

If you add up all the photons spewing out of all the stars and galaxies and the space in between, there is enough to light up the universe, yet when we look up at the night sky, this is clearly not the case. 439 more words


Tale of 2 Crabs

What is true color in Space? We know violets are blue and roses are red, but what does M1 or M101 really look like? Here on Earth there are so many variables due to the thick atmosphere that undoubtedly alter the color by the time it gets to the camera. 515 more words

Amateur Astronomy