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A lesson never learned...

Let It Burn


I watch the city burn
These passions slowly smoldering
A lesson never learned
Only violence
Is your world just a broken promise?

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My Greates What If

“You are my

greatest what if,”

 she whispered

 But damn it,

 what if was never enough

 to make her stay

 What if was never enough… 32 more words


I Live in A Sea

I live in a sea
Of ink.

Every poet a voice to snuff out
My voice.

I live in a sea
Of betters.

Every poet a voice to snuff out… 17 more words


Never Enough

Este es el diseño que he realizado para camisetas (hombre, mujer y peques) que podréis conseguir en:



Slipping Again

I’m sorry but I just don’t understand.

I don’t understand why anyone would choose me when given an option. I don’t understand how someone can look at me and say they love me when they know just how much I lack. 124 more words

Here's To Us

Here’s to falling apart

Here’s to picking up the pieces

Here’s to breaking down

Here’s to wiping the tears

Here’s to sleep deprivation

Here’s to the tired eyes… 15 more words


never enough

shapes flicker
on the dark screen

this funnel drips
so slow too slow
speck by speck
word by word

how was this
tap tapping
ever enough… 42 more words

Alice Keys MD