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"Gang Related" + "Never Enough" Leak From Logic's 'Under Pressure' LP

Hip-hop artist Logic gears up to release his LP ‘Under Pressure’ and we get a preview of the quality to come with the leaks of “Gang Related” and “Never Enough”. 66 more words



Spring rain
Misplaced in scrolling winds

Quantum tears
Less and severed,
How much substance today?

Waiting fields
With invisible meaning
Rain dries, clouds form… 21 more words



Moments are ever enough with you
I leave unsated, my soul dry
my mind empty, my arms limp
cold, without a blanket.
I search each corner… 11 more words


I Am So Cold

The numbing pain is back I see

In mere minutes, a flash freeze

I depended too much on you for heat

Lost control, time to admit defeat… 34 more words

The list of things to look up KEEPS adding up.

Velvet Underground         Tom Waits    Duchamp

William Blake      Cocteau        Frank O’Hara

Tantric Art         Lou Reed     Annie De Franco            Art of War…

68 more words

A lesson never learned...

Let It Burn


I watch the city burn
These passions slowly smoldering
A lesson never learned
Only violence
Is your world just a broken promise?

800 more words

My Greates What If

“You are my

greatest what if,”

 she whispered

 But damn it,

 what if was never enough

 to make her stay

 What if was never enough… 32 more words