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A Distant Memory

Why am I so stuck?
I’ve rendered.
And hopeless.
On these lines.
Until now…
I realize.
I’m just worthless.
I’ve never been.
Enough. 113 more words


Eternal Summers ~ "A Burial"

I. Love. Eternal Summers. The Virginian rock trio consistently blends just the right amount of lo-fi rock with hazy dream-pop into each of their songs and I can’t get enough. 93 more words


Never Enough

A candy is never enough for a person who is starving. A dollar is never enough for a person who demands more.  A bottle of milk is never enough for a baby who craves more. 357 more words


I believe when we are young, we think in measures of time differently.  We look forward to birthdays, starting school, double digits, teenage years, learner’s then driver’s licenses, graduation, even college years are broken down into certain categories of years.   439 more words


I want to write about a lot of things, but why does time not permit me?

I know that was a very long title. So many things had happened the past few days. I guess, that’s what life is – so many things happen in your life, you don’t write about it, it gets buried somewhere deep inside your subconscious – that is, until that certain day that you either remember it out of nowhere or someone reminds you of it. 220 more words

Just Blah

I'm never enough

But I’m glad to see there are other people that are enough to lift your spirits.