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Reality has this way of destroying everything you have ever dreamed and hoped for in your life. It takes what you want and gets your hopes up and destroys it. 416 more words

Always Fleeting

The feeling of satisfaction is a dangerous high to chase after, because no matter how much you obtain or how often, it is always fleeting.

Never Enough~by Rikki Bertrand

Never Enough

Too much is never enough,
When love touches your heart.
Too much is never enough,
Less would rip us apart.

My lips love your touch, 89 more words


SOTD: Fantastic Fantastic - Never Enough

This is such a nice little summer tune from a duo known simply as Fantastic Fantastic. Never Enough is a wonderfully funky tune which crosses genres from elecropop to 70s disco. 21 more words

Totally Imperfect - Unconditionally Loved!

As I enter my 60th year on this planet, I am committed to embrace my imperfection and believe that I am worthy of God’s unconditional love!   688 more words

Rest In The Arms Of The Lord

Daring Greatly: Hugging Strange Old Men and Living With Extravagant Generosity

Once when I was around ten years old, my mom and I were at the eye doctor. As we were leaving, an elderly man came into the doctor’s office alone. 1,276 more words