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Slipping Again

I’m sorry but I just don’t understand.

I don’t understand how anyone could choose me over someone like her. I don’t understand how you can look at me and say you love me when you know just how much I lack. 126 more words

Here's To Us

Here’s to falling apart

Here’s to picking up the pieces

Here’s to breaking down

Here’s to wiping the tears

Here’s to sleep deprivation

Here’s to the tired eyes… 15 more words


never enough

shapes flicker
on the dark screen

this funnel drips
so slow too slow
speck by speck
word by word

how was this
tap tapping
ever enough… 42 more words

Alice Keys MD

moumoon (ムームーン) – Nebainafu (ネバイナフ/never enough) romanization/transliteration and translation

I don’t think anyone’s translated this… maybe I should.

by moumoon
Lyricist: YUKA

Romanization / transliteration:

“Zutto issho da yo” “Shinumade suki da yo” 494 more words

L.A. Guns (feat. Phil Lewis & Steve Riley) @ Fulton 55, Fresno CA 07/26/14

This was a lengthy show, a lot of value for the ticket price but it left some patrons frustrated. Three openers were scheduled, causing for an extended wait for the headliner and the temperature in the building continued to rise and rise, causing for a sh*tty, humid environment. 987 more words

Concerts: 2012 - Present


Reality has this way of destroying everything you have ever dreamed and hoped for in your life. It takes what you want and gets your hopes up and destroys it. 416 more words

Always Fleeting

The feeling of satisfaction is a dangerous high to chase after, because no matter how much you obtain or how often, it is always fleeting.