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Never Give Up

Happy Sunday my geeks. Here’s the first step of my getting the blog on a schedule. Every Sunday I will post a new quote image. Most of the time the images will have been created by me using PicMonkey (btw this is NOT a sponsored post). 235 more words


Don't be afraid to stand out.

I took an Anatomy class last semester, and I had a TA who was brilliant and made all of the material in the class that I was dying over seem like 2+2. 640 more words


Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir : A Special Pair of Athletes

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir hail from Canada, but they have captured hearts from all across the world. To me, they are a pair of inspirational athletes who I look up to and idolize. 373 more words

Week 15 Overview

This week was full of challenges including bouncing back from some serious emotional junk, a bowel prep and recovery, and figuring out a schedule that will include my future exercise plans. 217 more words


He/She changed you, is’n’t that it ?
That person was the one who made you a stronger and a better person that you are today. 206 more words


Never give up - Inspiration Video

Believe in yourself & Never Ever Give Up Your Dream!


Once you allow grace to take the place of fear then you will be able to rise above anything that once held you down.
~ the prolific penman