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Surf Dog Ricochet, riding hope.

It’s a story about a dog who’s inpsiring millions of people all over the world and I suggest you to watch this video where you will get to know Ricochet. 19 more words


Why Am I This Way

What kind of person am I; that I don’t care for money. I don’t care to have much or any at all.
I’ve worked and gotten money, yet got nowhere. 393 more words


An August Yarn: Never Let Go

OK, so I haven’t written in a very, very long time; let’s get that out of the way from the outset. Has there been any reason for it? 2,972 more words

The Little Seed That Could

Not despising growth.

I’m like a little seed that planted itself in soil and wanted to see daylight but couldn’t because the surface was in the way so instead grew some roots. 206 more words


The End

I whisper into the night
Challenge me
Bring me down if you can
You will see to take me down is something impossible
The only one that can kill me is only me… 113 more words


Motivation Monday: Neil Gaiman

Hello everyone, hope your Monday has gone swimmingly.

For this weeks Motivation, I chose the always quotable, Neil Gaiman. Some day, I hope to achieve the same dream-like images his illustrators conjured up for the Sandman series. 35 more words