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in the land of apathetic the focused shall rule the world


List of Things Done Wrong

I should have stomped my foot and stomped it again and said, “I can’t handle three giant dogs!” I stomped quite a bit, maybe even more than stomped. 1,284 more words


Daddy Loved Her, So He Taught Her to Give Up

This powerful piece comes from a woman working in group therapy, and she finally speaks up about her hurt and her pain, and brings up the issues that hold her back. 1,328 more words

Fierce Concepts

Caregivers to those with Chronic Pain

I learned at a very young age how special my father was. At a young age he raised me on his own, (for the most part) was our “room mother” in my elementary school classes and even led some Girl Scout troops. 1,075 more words


Where has time gone.  This year we have been dealing with health issues of friends and that took precedent over my writing time and my update for the AskPiBarb site. 550 more words

Christians Get Depressed Too (part 2)

(a 5 part series by Head Heart Hand Ministries)

Though only 15 years old, Onica has already suffered many losses in her life, including numerous painful bereavements and her parents’ broken marriage. 176 more words


you don't have to call me darlin', darlin'

Repeat after me: we can do this. Yes, and when I told my AquaZumba class that this week, they fired back: correction we ARE doing this. 897 more words