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Dealing with Alcohol Addiction

You would never know what you are going to face in the future. Though you think your life is fine today, you still never know… 284 more words

Rehab Center

Blog challenge day 4!

Bullet your whole day

I have to laugh! Going to be a rather boring read. I am 5 weeks post op from a skin graft on my right calf so I really don’t do much, but nevertheless here is my day! 136 more words


You just never know

People tend to hold so much in, in order to please others. You just never know the story behind those eyes. Everyday I am amazed at the strength of others. 19 more words


The friendly track of the day is from one of the best underrated english post-punk bands in the history, “The Durutti Column” . Formed in 1978 by the guitarrist… 132 more words


Early Demise

The Hazards of Eating

I occasionally rant about the confusing vexation of just how one is supposed to eat right these days. There is no answer for the layman eater, or the expert eater, and in a sense we are all expert eaters since no one has to tell us how to go about the actual eating, but they can sure advise us as to what the eating should consist of. 813 more words

Delilah releases exclusive unheard 2010 demo 'Never Know'

British singer/songwriter Delilah recently announced that she will be releasing an exclusive unheard selection of 250 songs she recorded between the ages of 17 and 21 for her debut album… 55 more words

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