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Never Say Never

It’s not everyday you pick up poop with your bare hands. Unless you’re a mom that is.

That’s right folks. I picked up a piece of poop with my bare hand today. 1,139 more words


Music Monday: Never Say Never - Tristan Prettyman

“Deal with your stuff before you can move through it.”

-Tristan Prettyman

The Journey 21

Never Say Never Bites

Call in the reinforcements. Sound the alarms. I have lost my mind.

You know that moment when you do something and immediately you hear the voice in your head that reminded you how you once said, “I’ll never…”? 578 more words


Never Say Never

You know how people are always telling you to “never say never?” I mean that hoodlum artist Justin Bieber even devoted a song and documentary to it. 483 more words


Never Say Never

What God has made clean, you must not call profane.  Acts 10:1-16  I am often reminded of the things I said I would never do like going back to school. 67 more words


Basement Jaxx - Junto

With a career spanning a total of twenty years, experience is something Basement Jaxx definitely aren’t short of. Working themselves up from modest beginnings in 1994 to achieving chart domination in the early 2000s and to then fade from the Top 40 spotlight, the dance duo have observed numerous faces of dance music. 281 more words


The girl who loves Wonder Women- A conversation

My four year old loves/is crazy obsessed with Wonder Women. Has been for a several months.
This is how it happened.

Brianne- “Can we watch this show?” 222 more words