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When the times get tough, you become tougher. - Oct 26, 2014

Hello fellow reader!! How are things going?! Great, I thought so! ;). I know from personal experience, that life can sometimes knock you down. You tried to everything you can in the 86400 seconds in the day that you have, and nearly nothing got finished. 1,604 more words

The Happiness Project

Find Your Reason, Stay Alive, And Move On - Oct. 19, 2014

Hello there, reader! I know this is the blog you’ve been waiting for this blog to come out, and this is the one! This one is a bit of a harder one, as this week I’ve had the unfortunate situation of breaking up with my girl. 1,016 more words

The Happiness Project

Some changes we choose, while others are imposed on us. Either way they’re for the betterment of our Soul.