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Sledding Images

This is a guy in the mountains sledding. This is what we do when we go up to the mountains. We don’t really jump a lot we just mess around in the snow and have fun. 132 more words



“The habit of persistence is the habit of victory.” – Herbert Kaufman


The key to all victories is that of not giving up. Failures will happen, many kings lost great battles to win a war, many athletes lost many games even to grab the end trophy, the key is to know how to get up after that failure and be persistent with your attempts, to pummel that brick wall till it falls down and one can walk over the rubble instead of climb straight up. 42 more words

Always Forward






“Some day is going to be your day and you just gotta be there. But a lot of people-they just give up before their day. So until that day comes you can’t step back. 248 more words

Symbol for Strength and Determination by sbramirez

The Symbol is a bigger representation represented by a simple symbol. The description I get from the symbol is even a weak, small creature can do things of big stature, if they push towards the victory.


Write till
your hand bleeds
Moving fingers
Mind feeds
Do you care
If no one reads

Crazy words
without chains
Thoughts to
make you Insane… 26 more words


It's there.

It’s there. In the back of your head. On your shoulder. Behind your eyes. Lurking in the corner of the room.
The voice that keeps you up at night. 39 more words


One run done

Today was the day that I had my first event of the year, the Sport relief 3 mile run at Saltwell Park, Gateshead.

I woke up feeling good, even more so when I opened my blinds and saw that the sun was out and there was no wind! 245 more words