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Life Never Takes A Break.

Quote of the day, day seven. A lot of people may see this as de-motivational, and if you’re like me you can see the motivational part as well. 185 more words

Quote Of The Day

Live the Life you Lead, Not Follow. - Dec. 13, 2014

Hello fellow reader, it’s me again! I am back again from a few weeks of doing nothing but working hard at work, and developing my skills. 1,351 more words

The Happiness Project

Continue – December 07, 2014

My children, you have to continue to follow Me and not give up on Me and My Kingdom until the very end. There is no other way. 204 more words

You may fall down, you may be beaten, BUT YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE IT - Nov. 22, 2014

Hello there, how are you!? I hope you’re doing well! I am rocking this week, and making my life better by continually motivating myself every day (used to be once a week). 889 more words

The Happiness Project

#365AOTD 321 “Songs to Learn & Sing” Echo & the Bunnymen 1985

I’m jumbled up
Maybe I’m losing my touch
But you know I didn’t have it anyway…

I recently have re-connected with a couple of my high school friends, Dia, Katie and Nicole. 2,120 more words


my candle in the wind...

of course, Marilyn, you’ll never forget me
because just like Joe DiMaggio
I’ll never stop caring about you
nor stop projecting a shield around you… 33 more words


I will continue to carry my cross

I will continue to carry my cross-
on tired feet and bloodied knees

I will continue to carry my cross-
when I can’t see… 164 more words